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What is Service Time in route optimization?

Service Time is the time you spend at each location.

MyRouteOnline allows you to set a Service Time for each individual location that you visit. The route planner will include the Service Time in it’s calculations to give you an accurate picture of your finished route(s).

Set the Service time to define how long you will stay at each location.

If all locations require the same service time, you should set it as default Service Time (located under GOALS tab).

Set Default Service Time

Set Default Service Time

If each location requires a different service time, you should set it separately, next to each address.

Set Specific Service Time

Set Specific Service Time

The Start and End addresses never need a Service Time. If you inadvertently add a Service Time to your Start or End addresses, MyRouteOnline will know to ignore the Service Time for these addresses.
Our time calculation ignores the service time of the start and end address because the route starts from the moment you leave your first stop (home, office, warehouse, etc.) and finishes when you arrive to your final destination.
The easiest way to include a Service Time is to follow these steps:

1. Create your address list in an Excel file.
2. Add a column named “Service Time”, filled with the time you wish to spend at each location.
3. Import your contact list. Our Import Wizard will automatically identify your “Service Time” field.
4. When you plan your route, the service time will be included in the optimization process.

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