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How to plan a route to national parks

If you are trying to plan a trip to some National Parks, MyRouteOnline needs you to be a little more specific as to which entrance of the park you wish to visit.

  1. Copy and paste the coordinates from this user-guide into MyRouteOnline, including the square brackets, to give us more precise information.
  2. National Parks Coordinates

    National Parks Coordinates

    For Zion National Park, please use these coordinates.
    For the East Entrance: [37.22479, -112.68316]
    For the South Entrance/Visitor Center: [37.20062,-112.98676]
    For the Northwest/Kolob Canyon entrance and Visitor Center: 3752 E Kolob Canyon Rd, New Harmony, UT 84757, USA

    For YellowStone National Park, please use these coordinates:
    Old Faithful: [44.46036, -110.82822]

    Mamoth: [44.97632, -110.70094]

    East Entrance: [44.48845, -110.00382]

    North Entrance: [45.02955, -110.70867]

    Northeast Entrance: [45.00338, -110.00381]

    South Entrance: [44.10644,-110.66554]

    West Entrance: [44.65841, -111.09718]

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  4. Click Plan My Route.
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  6. National Parks Route

    National Parks Route

  7. Drive safe and have a wonderful trip.