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How to divide your list into smaller lists of 350 addresses or less

If you have list of addresses that is larger than 350, you can split it by using our Polygon tool.
This is especially handy if you want to divide your list geographically.

Divide a list-Video

Divide a list-Video

  1. Import as many addresses as you have. In this example, we imported 450 stops:
  2. Map with 450 locations

    Map with 450 locations

  3. Click the polygon tool at the top of the map
  4. Polygon tool

    Polygon tool

  5. Draw a polygon around the addresses you wish to group together
  6. Right click inside the polygon to open the menu and click “Export all Selected”
  7. Export All Selected

    Export All Selected

  8. After your list is exported, right click again inside the polygon and select “Delete All Selected”. This will remove your “exported” addresses from the map
  9. Repeat this process until you have divided your list into smaller lists of 350 or less
  10. Import your new “smaller” lists back into MyRouteOnline individually and plan your routes as usual

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