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How to save a route-plan and import a route-plan for manual changes

Learn how to save your route-plan so that you can import it later and make manual changes.

By Save in this user-guide we mean Export.

We differentiate between Exporting routes and Saving routes, depending on weather routes are saved online or as a local file.

If you choose to Save your route, it will be saved on our servers while if you choose to Export your route, it will be saved on your local computer.

Saving your route online will allow you to reload it and see the result immediately on the map and if you save it to your computer, you actually export it following these steps:


Part A: Save a route-plan (export a route-plan)

  1. Plan your route.
  2. In the Results View – at the route’s title – select “Export”.
  3. Save this file on your computer for future use.


Part B: Import a route-plan

  1. Open MyRouteOnline Route Planner.
  2. Select “Import Your Excel/Text”.
  3. Browse to open the file you saved in part A.
  4. Import this file.
  5. Click “Plan-My-Route”.
    To get the saved route result set the goal to “keep order as is”.
  6. Make any Manual Changes.
    To save this route-plan go back to Part A.

** If you want to add or delete addresses – it’s better to do that in the file itself.

Notice: addresses are not re-counted for 30 days.
This means that if you import the same route-plan (within 30 days) it will not be re-charged.
If you add new addresses to this list – only the additional addresses will be charged.

+ Find out more about exporting your routes.

+ If you have a fixed-monthly-plan, save your routes online.