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How to manually enter multiple addresses into our route planner

There are 3 ways to manually add addresses, besides importing your contact list which is the most preferable way.

  1. Typing
    1. Type your Start address in the first row, if you have one.


    2. Type the other addresses in the upcoming rows, in any order you choose.
    3. Type your address Title and/or Service Time to the sides of each address.
      * Duplicate addresses may be entered as long as they have different titles.
  2. Using the Mouse
    1. Right click on the map, on the location you want to add.
    2. Select “Add a location here” (from the drop-down menu).
      If this is a valid address, it will be added to your address list.
    3. If you added a location to an existing route plan clicking Plan My Route
      will recalculate your route considering the new address.
  3. Bulk Editing
    1. Have your address list ready.
    2. Copy your list.
    3. Click Bulk Edit and Paste your copied list in the opened window.
    4. Select First address or Last addresses if you have any.
    5. Use this sign || to separate Title, Address and/or Service Time.

+ Find out how to import your contact list.