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Emailing route plans – How to send routes with road directions to my mailbox

There are 2 ways to email route plans:

  1. “Send Email & Directions” will email your route plan with all the route’s information.
    This is usually used for emailing all route plans together.
  2. “Email” will email your route plan with only part of the route’s information.
    This is used for emailing each route plan separately.
    The route is sent without a map but you will have a map once you click on the link to get driving directions from Google maps.
    If you want the map attached to your email, you should choose the first option (“Send Email & Directions”).Route-Planner-Email-Route
    You may send your route plan to several employees at once, using a comma to separate them.

    1. Plan a route
    2. Click Send Email & Directions or Email
    3. Write a personal message or add a recipient
      Email Route Plan Driving Directiona
    4. Make sure you get the confirmation message
      Sent Route Plan
    5. Open your mailbox to see your route
    6. Click on the link to Google maps and Turn-by-turn road directions
      Route Planner Road Directions

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