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Set which side of the road to follow

You have the option to choose how the driver should approach a particular location, from its right or left side.

  1. Import your file to our Route Planner.
  2. Click Next to move to GOALS tab and then click the Side of the road preference.
    Side of the road preference

    Side of the road preference

  3. If you don’t mind the sides, leave it as Ignore and let the program choose the sequence, when planning the shortest path.

    Specifying which side of the road your routes should pass through, may give a longer route where the vehicle stops on the side of the road of your choice.

    In this example, the left image was planned by preferring the right side:

    Same-side of the road

    Same-side of the road

    The differences between the routes are insignificant, 1 minutes and 65 feet, but it makes a difference when a bus stops on the right side of the road and doesn’t need to take a U-turn to do so.

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