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Use our route planner for route optimization

MyRouteOnline has four optimization goals to meet your individual needs.
In order to map multiple locations, and get the quickest route, follow these steps:

1. Import multiple addresses and our route planner will automatically optimize your route.

Optimization options

Optimization options

2. Select a Goal:

Minimize Distance plans your route so you travel the shortest distance.
Minimize Time plans your route so you spend the least time on the road.
Balance Time and Distance plans your route to create the most efficient route, considering time and distance.
Keep Order As Is keeps all of your addresses in the exact order in which they were imported.

Change to Keep order as is

Change to Keep order as is

3. Click Plan My Route – You will receive the best route for your selected Goal.

MyRouteOnline map route planner includes many benefits such as planning multiple routes with a click of a button, routing overnight routes for sales reps. that travel and spend long days on the roads, and more.

+ Find out how to make manual changes.

+ Find out more about optimization options.