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Open Waze with Android 12 using MyRoute App

MyRoute is the best app for planning a route with multiple stops.

Combining MyRoute with a navigation app like Waze, makes it really simple to visit all your stops.
Android 12 is the 12th version of Android’s mobile operation system. It was publicly released in October 2021.
The latest update until this guide is 12.0.0_r26 (SQ1A.220105.002) which was released on January 4, 2022.

Android 12 latest update introduces a new behavior that prevents Waze from automatically opening when clicking a hyperlink. MyRoute launches Waze when clicking Navigate in MyRoute app which is basically clicking a hyperlink. It seems to be developed intentionally by Google hence affects the behavior of MyRoute app.

Before Android 12 update, when a user clicked Navigate, Waze was automatically launched.
After Android 12 update, when a user clicks Navigate, it first launches Chrome (browser) and shows an ‘Open’ button requiring an extra click to open the Waze app.

If you wish to continue using Waze with MyRoute app, and not wait for Google to release an update that changes this behavior, follow these steps:

  1. Open MyRoute app
  2. Select ‘Geo Apps (Select)’ in Navigation App drop down menu
    Geo Apps (Select)

    Geo Apps (Select)

  3. Click Navigate
  4. Select “Waze” + Always

+ Find out more about MyRoute settings.