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Routing Notifications to help you get better routes

MyRouteOnline can help you organize your address list into multiple routes.
What is the best way to route multiple locations? You’ll need to choose how to plan the best routes:

  1. Set a pre-defined number of routes.
  2. Set the length of your trip.
  3. Set the number of visits you can do in each route.

Each of the above will give you a different result, as you can see in this user-guide.
This is an example, of setting all of the above:

Routing Notifications

You are seeing a red notice, because setting the three parameters together is not recommended.
This will not allow our Route Planner to effectively give you the best result.
You can click on the notification to see that you’ve set a number of routes and Max. Duration:
Routing Parameters Notifications

Routing Parameters Notifications

Therefore, when you try settings these multi-routing parameters, try each parameter separately, and not all at once.
Re-planning the same addresses with different parameters doesn’t charge you more than once.

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