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How to import a file (Excel, txt, csv)

You can import your file from several locations:

  1. Import from your local computer hard-drive
  2. Import from Dropbox
  3. Import from Google Drive

Import Exel File

Import Exel File

To import a file, follow these steps:

  1. Have your file (Excel spreadsheet or text file) ready with your contact list and make sure it does not exceed the size of 5MB.
    Besides addresses, this list can include Titles, Service Time, Comments, and more.
  2. Click Import & Reload.
  3. Import and Reload

    Import and Reload

  4. Click Import Excel file and select where to import your file from.
  5. Select the file you wish to upload to MyRouteOnline.

When the Import Wizard opens, follow these steps:

  1. Select the sheet that contains your addresses.
  2. Check Ignore the first row if it contains the column header.
  3. Check First/Last addresses if you have any.
  4. Select the right header for each column (Address/Title/Service Time/Filter-in/Filter-out/Comment/Ignore).
  5. Review the import result and click Import Now to import your contacts.
Import Wizard

Import Wizard

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