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How to use MyRouteOnline app for Shopify

Unfortunately this user-guide is no longer relevant, due to changes in Shopify API requirements.
If you have a shop on Shopify, and you wish you’d have a cool tool to route plan your orders, read this user-guide.

How to use MyRouteOnline with Shopify

How to use MyRouteOnline with Shopify

Until now, you would export your Shopify delivery orders into a CSV file, save it on your computer and upload it to our site.
Now, you have an app on Shopify where you can export the orders you need to deliver into MyRouteOnline and click ‘plan my route’. The selected addresses go straight out of Shopify and into MyRouteOnline Route Planner.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Shopify account
  2. Open this link and click Get (
  3. Click Get

    Click Get

  4. In Shopify Store, install MyRouteOnline App
  5. Install app

    Install app

  6. In Orders tab, select your orders
    1. Export to MyRouteOnlineExport to MyRouteOnline
  7. Click “Export to MyRouteOnline”

MyRouteOnline Route Planner will open with the selected Orders’ Shipping Address & Title and you’ll be able to plan your delivery routes.

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