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How to use MyRoute app with Android

Learn how to navigate a multi-stop route using your favorite navigation app.
If you did not install MyRoute App yet, read this.

Plan your route and Navigate using MyRoute app-video

Plan your route and Navigate using MyRoute app-video

Follow these steps:

  1. Plan a route with MyRouteOnline Route Planner
  2. Email your route
  3. Open your emailed route and click Open with MyRoute App
  4. Open MyRoute app

    Open MyRoute app

    Your route will be listed under “Stops List”
    Stops list

    Stops list

  5. Select your favorite navigation app from the drop down menu
  6. The drop down menu should list the navigation apps installed on your device

    Navigation apps

    Navigation apps

  7. Click Navigate
    Stop 2 of 14

    Stop 2 of 14

    Your navigation app will open with the first destination.
    Upon arrival, you’ll get a notification with your next stop – tap on it to continue navigating to this destination.
  8. Repeat 5 until you reach your End Stop

Important note:
To allow our app to use your location data, enable Location Services on your device:

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