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How to start

How to start using MyRouteOnline

How to start using MyRouteOnline

Plan your routes following these steps:

  1. Import your contact list into the planner.
  2. Import Addresses

    Import Addresses

  3. Set a few parameters (departure time, service time, etc.).
  4. Step-2-Goals


  5. Click Plan My Route.
  6. The result will be an optimized route – connecting the stops in the most efficient way (minimum distance/time according to the goal you chose).
    Once the route is planned, you’ll be able to Manually move stops to meet your needs and when you’re happy with the result:

  7. Export your route to your local computer and Email it to yourself or your driver.
  8. When you open the emailed route, you’ll have a link to get driving directions and if you have a TomTom or Garmin, you’ll also have the option to import your route to GPS.

+ Watch this video to learn how to start using our Route Planner.