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How to start

If you need to find the fastest route, connecting multiple destinations, watch this video:

Getting started - planning routes

Getting started – planning routes

Plan your route following these steps:

  1. Import your contact list into the planner.
  2. Start Using MyRouteOnline

    Start Using MyRouteOnline

  3. Set a few parameters (Departure time, Service time, etc.).
  4. Set Parameters

    Set Parameters

  5. Click Plan My Route.
  6. The result will be an optimized route. You’ll get the quickest route, connecting the stops you need to visit, in the most efficient way (minimum distance/time according to the goal you chose).
    Once the route is planned, you’ll be able to Manually move stops to meet your needs and when you’re happy with the result:

  7. Export your route to your local computer and Email it to yourself or your driver.
  8. When you open the emailed route, you’ll have a link to use MyRoute app, get driving directions and if you have a TomTom or Garmin, you’ll also have the option to import your route to GPS.

+ Learn more about Multi-Routing and optimization options.
+ Learn How to create several routes at once.