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How to save and reload routes to the route planner

Plan your route and save it online for future use. Save your route online and save time.

Import Exel File

Saving Routes Online

If you purchased our Classic, Premium or Business plan, you’ll be able to save your route online, and reload it to any computer you’re working on and view your route or modify it in seconds.

To save your route-plan online:

  1. Plan a route
  2. Click Save
  3. Name your route-plan

Your route will be saved on our secured servers, waiting for your next routing process.

Save routes online

Save routes online

To reload your route-plan online:

  1. Click Reload my Routes
  2. Select the route you previously saved.

Reload saved routes

Reload saved routes

To modify your route-plan:

  1. Reload your route-plan
  2. Modify your route-plan (manual changes)
  3. Save your route-plan

Each saved route-plan creates a new copy of your route-plan.
You can keep the newly saved plans and delete unused saved route-plans.

To delete an unused saved route-plan:

  1. Click Reload to open the Reload window
  2. Click Delete next to the route-plan you wish to delete.

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