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How to Plan Extended Trips

If you’re planning an overnight route, for several day, follow these steps:

  1. Import your file to our Route Planner.
  2. Click Next to move to GOALS tab and then click the Multi-Day parameter under Optimization.
  3. Multi-day trip - overnight stay

    Multi-day trip – overnight stay

  4. Set Hours per Day.
    All parameters under the “Multi Routing” section should remain as default, specifically Number of Routes which should be set to Calculate Best.
  5. Set Hours per Day

    Set Hours per Day

  6. Click Plan My Route.
  7. In this example, we get 5 routes (days), about 7 hours long.

    Multi-day trip - 5 days route

    Multi-day trip – 5 days route

    The program creates a number of routes that each matches the parameter Hours per Day. These routes are connected so that each route starts where the previous route ends.
    + Find out how to create several routes at once.