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How to plan a route with pick-up and drop-off locations

Routing deliveries based on sets of two addresses, pickup and drop-off. Our system identifies the destination that needs to be visited before the second destination can be visited, going to the pick-up location first and then visiting the matching drop-off.

To use this feature please follow these steps:

  1. Add two additional columns to your excel. The headers for those columns should be “Pick-up” and “Drop-off”.
    We treat pickups and drop-offs as pairs and therefore each pair should have the same ID. This is how the program identifies these sets of addresses. Each set of pick-up and its matching drop-off, should get the same ID, under the relevant column.

    Pick up and drop off import

    Pick up and drop off import

  2. Import this file to our Route Planner.
    Pick-up ID should be under pickup column, and drop-off ID should be under drop-off column. At this point, we recommend you set a title that will reflect these values, so it will be easier to locate them later on, during the routing process.
    In this example, the ID is PD1 (PD2, PD3), each showing twice, one for the pick-up and one for the drop-off.
  3. Click Next to move to GOALS tab and Set the necessary parameters.
    Note that the number of routes should be set to Calculate Best (default).
  4. Click Plan My Route.
  5. Pick up always before drop off

    Pick up always before drop off

The program will create a route with every “drop-off” location visited after its matching “pick-up” location.

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