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How to move multiple addresses at once

Multiple Manual changes are the ability to modify an existing route-plan result after the initial route-planning.

This option allows you to manually move a number of addresses at once, within a single route, to a new route or between routes.

Multiple Manual changes can be done on the map itself or by using the check box next to each address.
Both are done in the “Results” tab and will open a window to make the actual change.

Manual Changes

Manual Changes

Follow these steps:

  1. Plan a route and view your result.
  2. Click on the addresses you wish to move, they will be changed to grey.
    Multiple select

    Multiple Select

  3. Alternatively, click the polygon icon and draw lines around these addresses.
    Polygon select

    Polygon select

  4. Click “Manual Changes” to open the Manual Changes window.
    Multiple manual changes

    Multiple manual changes

  5. Choose the target route (existing or new route) for these addresses.
  6. Click Move and the target route will be re-calculated considering the new stops.

+ Watch this video to learn how to move several stops at once.