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How to import and filter your contact list (Filter-In and Filter-Out)

Filter-In will include specific rows in your list – only cells that contain a value in this column.
All the rows in which these cells empty will be ignored (and not imported to the route planner).

Import and Filter-in

Import and Filter-in

Follow these steps:

  1. Have your entire customer list in one file.
  2. Add a column for each work day (Monday-Friday).
  3. For each customer add an ‘X’ in the specific day you visit them.
  4. Import the file to the planner.
  5. Make sure your column headers match the ones in the import wizard, including the Filter-In column.


  6. You can do this for every day of your work week.

Filter-Out will exclude rows where these cells are not empty.

+ Watch this video to learn how to filter your contacts list.