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How to import a route planned by other online mapping tools

If you wish to import a route that you’ve planned using a different mapping tool, you can do that, if this tool has exporting routes capabilities. If it does, follow these steps:
1. Download or export the route you’ve planned and save it as a file on your computer. The preferable format would be Excel, but csv and text will do the job as well.
2. Login to your account on MyRouteOnline and click Enter addresses.
3. Click Import a local file and and select where to import your file from.

Enter Addresses

Enter Addresses

4. Select the file you just saved and click Import Now.
5. Once you can view all the stops on the map, click Next.
6. Under Goals tab, change the optimization goal to “Keep order as is”.
Keep order as is

Keep order as is

7. This will keep the order of your list, showing the route you’ve imported.
8. Click Export Options and select Email & App if you wish MyRoute app to assist your navigation.