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How to create routes with multiple start addresses

We currently support one start address for all routes but if you need to plan a number of routes and have a number of different starting locations, you can do that as well.
Follow these steps:

  1. Add your starting locations as regular addresses within your address list.
  2. Import your list to our Route Planner, leaving the start address field empty.
  3. Import Wizard

    Import Wizard

  4. Set the number of routes you need (to match the number of start addresses you entered).
  5. Select a starting location and manually move it to be the start address of the closest route.
    Manual Changes - Target Route

    Manual Changes – Target Route

    *Make sure to have the Optimize the target route box checked.
  6. In this example, we’ve planned 3 routes and circled the starting locations.

    Multiple starting locations

    Multiple starting locations

    R1S1 is good as is and we do not need to touch it. R1S7 can be the start address of route 3, and R3S11 can be the start address of route 2.

  7. Repeat step #4 for each of your starting locations.
  8. Here is how the routes will look like after these manual changes:

    3 routes with different starting locations

    3 routes with different starting locations

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