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How to append addresses to an existing route

If you already planned a route, and you have a list of addresses to add to this route, follow these steps:

Append addresses-Video

Append addresses-Video

1. Import your new list.

2. In the Import Wizard, at the top, check Append to current list.

Append to current list

Append to current list

3. Uncheck “Set first as Start Address”, “Return” and “Set last as End Address”.

4. Review your addresses and click Import Now.

5. These addresses will be added to the map.

6. Click Next and then Plan My Route.
Alternatively, you can click Manual Changes and these addresses will be re-optimized with your entire route.

Please note that this will ignore any manual changes you made to your previous route as the program plans your entire route, all over again, adding the new addresses.
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