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How do you plan a route with Route Planning Software?

Route Planning Software as a Service

How to plan routes

How to plan routes

Your routing needs can all be met if you set the right parameters and plan online:

  1. Select a Departure Time. Once your addresses were entered (typed in or imported), you should select the departure time – the time you want your driver/s to leave home or office to start their route.
  2. Select the number of routes. This is where you set the number of drivers or vehicles you want to use. The software will plan multiple routes, as many routes as you need, at once.
    * Note that you may not use all the vehicles you have, due to more efficient route planning.
  3. Select the Optimization Goal – the default is Minimize Distance. The calculation is based on Google Maps average of distance and time. This is based on a variety of factors, depending on the data available in a particular area. Google Maps uses official speed limits and recommended speeds, likely speeds derived from road types, historical average speed data over certain time periods, and real-time traffic information.
  4. Open your route with MyRoute app, to navigate the entire route, with vocal turn by turn driving directions.

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