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Multi Stop Route Planner Synced With Google Maps

Plan a route and navigate with Google Maps

Google Maps is the biggest player in the mapping industry and is used for planning routes between A to B.
Google Maps forms the basis of our online route planner, but the ability to plan complex routes is what makes the difference between that and MyRouteOnline. Google Maps is great if you’re just making a small number of stops as you can easily plan the route yourself. However, for a long journey with multiple stops, Google Maps falls short because it requires you to type in addresses in the order you want to visit each destination. When you are visiting numerous locations, there is a high risk that you will waste time, or even double back to visit stops, and the likelihood of this happening increases with every additional destination on your route.
Here is just a list of addresses:

Google Maps Route Planner

Google Maps Route Planner

MyRouteOnline route planner helps you plan the best route between multiple locations:

MyRouteOnline - Route Planner

MyRouteOnline – Route Planner

If you need to make dozens, or maybe even hundreds of stops, it becomes impossible to plan a route by yourself. This can be done in three simple steps, with our Multi Stop Route Planner.
Import your list of destinations from Excel — no need to type anything
Click Plan My Route – the system will plan your route for you
Open your route with MyRoute app – to navigate with Google Maps

MyRouteOnline customers who need a navigation assistant on their phones can take advantage of the MyRoute app. Available for iPhone and Android, the app allows you to manage a route planned with MyRouteOnline from a mobile device. Plus, if you’re used to the layout of Google Maps, you can use MyRoute app with Navigate with Google Maps for the best of both worlds.

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