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Create routes with all the addresses you wish to visit

If you wish to create routes with constraints like Max Duration, or Max Stops, you can set these Multi Routing constraints under Goals tab.
When you set these constraints, make sure they do not contradict each other. Meaning, you should not set a single route with 10 stops if you have 15 stops. Otherwise, you’ll end up having one route with 10 stops and the rest of the addresses will be left unallocated, as shown below:

Max Route Duration too small

Max Route Duration too small

Instead, leave the Number of routes with its default value (Calculate Best) and limit the number of stops to 10.
This way, you’ll get two routes that will not exceed your limit.
If you do get the above notice, don’t worry about it as you can re-plan this list with different constraints. You will not be charged again for planning these same addresses while examining the right combination of parameters.

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