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Apple Maps Multi Route Planner

Is Your App Planning the Most Efficient Route for You?

While Apple Maps is a popular mapping app with several features and benefits, it is not the most efficient option if you’re looking to plan multiple stops in a route. Apple Maps is an easy tool to plan a route, but it is not ideal – because it does not allow you to add multiple stops within a single Apple Maps route.

Apple Maps is useful for getting simple directions from one point to another. And though, it also allows you to add “pit stops” on your route, it has serious limitations. You can only schedule pit stops from categories pre-listed on Apple Maps such as gas stations, coffee shops, etc. You cannot create custom categories or manually add pit stops. Moreover, you can only add one pit stop per route!

So if you’re a delivery provider or driver, you aren’t going to love the basic route planning features on Apple Maps.

Choosing a Route Planner over a Mapping App

Apple Maps is a mapping app – not a route planner. As a delivery provider or driver, what you need to effectively navigate multiple stops is a route planner like MyRouteOnline that can save you time and make your job hassle-free.

Apple Maps isn’t designed particularly for drivers. It cannot help you plan lengthy delivery routes with multiple stops. As a delivery professional, you could easily be hauling 100+ packages each day and you definitely need a better solution.

MyRouteOnline offers just that! You can easily add multiple stops in a single route and also employ other comprehensive route planning features to maximize efficiency and minimize time/effort. It lets you choose whether you want to plan routes according to shortest distance, fastest time, or in sequential order. You can finally avoid congested traffic and get routes that actually work!

You don’t need to manually plan your stops because MyRouteOnline does this for you!
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Benefits of MyRouteOnline

Our route optimization tool calculates the most cost-effective and time-efficient route for you, saving you a lot of money and resources. It calculates the time and distance between each stop, choosing the best sequence connecting all your stops, to map out the best possible route for you. You can also save unlimited routes and export contacts, addresses, and routes onto your computer for later use. Save time by simply importing back contacts or reloading saved routes.

MyRouteOnline software uses mapping data alongside GPS apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps to navigate optimized delivery stops easily and efficiently.

Apple Maps has certain great mapping features such as 3D city streets and building views, and details about roadways, landmarks, and businesses, like restaurants, shops, and hotels. It also gives audio instructions, working with Siri, so you don’t have to look at your phone at all. We have developed MyRouteOnline alongside Apple Maps so that you can open the route on Apple Maps to access some of these helpful features!

You can now deliver easier and faster than ever before!

How to Use MyRouteOnline?

You can now use our Multi-Stop Route Planner in three simple steps:
1. Simply import your destination list from Excel — no need to manually add anything!
2. Click Plan My Route – the system will plan your route for you!
3. Then open your route with the MyRoute app on iOS – and navigate with Apple or Google Maps.

With traffic, closures, and other road chaos around the city, delivering on time has become more difficult than ever. It sometimes seems almost impossible to reach all your delivery destinations in a day. Therefore, using a route planning app like MyRoutineOnline can help you plan multi-stop routes efficiently so that you can make all your deliveries in the most stress-free way.

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