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Allow mixed territories when planning pre-defined territories

Mixed territories is a situation where the user plans a list with pre-defined territories and allows some deviation from his original territory design.
This deviation is influenced by distance calculation and is done to better optimize the routes.

Mixed territories will appear when the user leaves the default option as “Allow”.
“Mixed territories” field is located under GOALS tab.

Allow Mix Territories

Allow Mix Territories

To avoid Mixed territories and get separate routes for every group of territories, chose one of these:

  1. Change the Mixed Territories default to Disallow.
  2. Leave the default number of routes as “Calculate Best” and the program will create as many routes as the number of territories you’ve set.

  3. Set different Multi-Routes-Parameters.
  4. If our route distance calculator has difficulties keeping the territories separated considering all parameters, it will show a notification offering to change the parameters.
    When you see this message, you should click continue and modify the multi-routes parameters that you set.

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