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Route Planner Guide

Travelling across the world by road can be a bit overwhelming, especially with many complex routes and seemingly unlimited stops. That is why every driver needs route management software to navigate different locations and find the best route. This route planner guide is designed to help you learn how to plan delivery routes to ensure you find a speedy route to save time for delivery route drivers and to avoid getting lost on their journey.

How to use our route planner

Our multiple drop route navigation apps are integrated with Google Maps to help you navigate destinations across the world. Here are the highlights on how to use the route planner system from MyRouteOnline.

Enter Addresses

How to Import a File into MyRouteOnline

Import addresses from Excel, Text, or csv file

How to Integrate Zapier with Different Apps

Shopify, Zoho, WooCommerce and more

How to Manually Enter Addresses

Manually enter multiple addresses

How to Divide a list into smaller lists of 350 addresses

Using the polygon tool

How to Insert GPS Coordinates

Plan addresses in format of Lat/Long

How to Reload Saved Routes

Reload and update saved routes

How to Filter Addresses

Import your list and filter-in the necessary data

Plan Routes

How to Start Using MyRouteOnline

Optimize routes using a Route Planner

How to Create Several Routes at once

Set parameters to plan multiple routes

How to Add Service Time

Enter time duration for each stop

How to Create Territories

Balance routes within territories

How to Plan Routes With Loading Capacity

Order size and truck volume

How to Plan Extended Trips

Plan your weekly routes in advance

How to Consider Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations

Visiting one before the other

Modify Routes

How to Edit a Route

Re-build or re-calculate a routes order

How to Manually Change Routes' Order

4 ways to change a route

How to Move Multiple Addresses

Manually move multiple stops

How to Add an Address to an Existing Route

Add new addresses to route-plans

Export Routes

How to Export Routes to Excel

Export routes to save on your local computer

How to Email Routes

Email your route-plan with driving directions

How to Export a Route to Garmin

Upload route-plans to Garmin GPS

How to Export a Route to TomTom

Upload route-plans to TomTom GPS

How to Sync Routes with Google Maps

Open routes with Google Maps

How to Dispatch routes to TomTom WEBFLEET

Manage orders and track vehicle

Manage Routes

How to Save Routes

Save your routes online

How to Save a Route and Import it for Edits

Export a route and save it for future use

How to Use Animated Directions

Play your route for review before you hit the road

How to Get Driving Directions

Get turn-by-turn driving directions

How to Get Driving Directions in Different Languages

Spanish, German, Italian, and more

How to Navigate a Multi-Stop Route on Android and iOS

Navigate with your mobile

How to Navigate a Route with Waze

Use MyRoute App with Waze

How to Print a Large Map

Get a live map with driving directions

How to Track your Deliveries

Get Tracking information with MyRoute app