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Customers speak about our Route Planner

Here is a selection of testimonials showing how MyRouteOnline can bring great results.
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Tim Jacoben, USA

I definitely like the tie-in to WAZE. Since I travel between 4-6,000 miles a month, that makes a huge difference being able to have the ease of WAZE working in conjunction with MyRouteOnline.

Claire Good, Maine, USA

I have been absolutely impressed with the assistance the program has given me. I work doing interviews for Background Investigations for government security clearances. I usually have a list of 20 places to go, all around the state. In Maine nothing is close to anything else, plus I'm not familiar with a lot of the state because I've lived here for only 3 years. I was pulling my hair out because no matter how I tried using Google Maps, I just wasn't able to effectively set up routes to travel that would take me everywhere I needed to go in an efficient way. Your program was the only app I found that did exactly what I needed it to do - it never failed to put me on the best route, and it was very easy to manually move things around if necessary. Thank you so much, you're all so great!

Michelle O., California, USA

I would like to thank you for the sponsorship for this year! The recipients were overjoyed. This year, we were able to deliver to all 150 Holocaust Survivors participating in Café Europa! They are the most vulnerable in our community. Especially during this time of isolation due to COVID we are so grateful at having had the opportunity to do this, and we could not have done it without your help.

Chris M., Texas, USA

Using your route planning system has been a blessing. For example we work nationally for Home Depot and many other well known names. We were sent work orders to visit all 178 stores in Texas. Without MyRouteOnline planning that out I think it would have been impossible to figure out, much less do. And the miles and backtrack we could have encountered would have been disastrous. But thanks to you Superior did Superior! Then allowing us to split it into 2 routes for 2 trucks to handle the task was simply amazing. Thank you MyRouteOnline!

William Simpson, Las Vegas, USA

I'm an insurance agent, working for a life insurance company that specializes in retirement planning and Medicare/health insurance. I didn't use to plan my routes before, I just went by the zip code and I experienced a lot of backtracking. Your route planner has the best options when uploading spreadsheets because the user can pick options for setting the columns. This way, I'm able to extract data from a large database of information and then organize it into an effective route We get hundreds of leads where the only recourse is to knock on their door and normally it is expected of people to do about 10 door knocks an hour. With the optimal route and planning I did 85 in about 2.5 hours. So you can see the obvious benefits.

Malcolm Eaton, Managing Director, Just Wheelie Bins, Australia

We are big fans of the site and its simplicity of use, we chose your site over many others we had tried, you guys won on cost, and most importantly on the very fast verification process and that you use Google Maps.

Benoit Latteur, Special Agent Transpharma Belgium

Congrats on the fantastic piece of software you have developed. My whole dispatching team loves it. Your solution helped us to optimize our daily delivery tours to our hospitals, pharmacists and wholesalers. After 5 days of use, our dispatchers adopted it as a permanent solution. Our drivers receive an emailed route, which helps them a lot. The pricing is competitive relative to the return on investment. Additionally, our mother company is now evaluating your service too!

Donald M.B. Board Secretary, PSRC, USA

We used MyRouteOnline to deliver gift baskets to over 200 recipients in the area as part of a fundraising project for the Princeton Senior Resource Center in Princeton, NJ. Your application is superb, and our project was very successful. I’ll personally recommend MyRouteOnline to others who need a route planner.

Tomas Mancebo, New York, NY, USA

I've been using this service for a couple of months now and I just want to say it's worth every penny and a lot more. Will save you lots of time and money. And the customer service is just great! Unusually great. Highly recommended.

Joe Hartley, USA

I LOVE your software. We run a fundraising service project for our city. We used your product and scheduled about 750 stops. We had 10 trucks with about 4 boys per truck. The drivers raved about the directions. We finished earlier than ever and we had fewer missed trees than ever. I learned the software very easily and now that I know it, I’m convinced I can spend less time up front than ever and take on more trees. Thanks for providing a GREAT product.

Chris W., Ireland

Before we discovered MyRouteOnline, we manually planned out delivery routes using Google Maps which took quite a long time. MyRouteOnline has made that process so much easier to do, we can now plan a delivery route in a fraction of the time it took previously. Because of MyRouteOnline, we were able to develop a custom module for our CRM system that allows us to export customer data to MyRouteOnline so that it can be optimized then imported back into the CRM. Anytime I've had questions, my emails have been replied to almost immediately and always solve the problem I was having. Couldn't recommend MyRouteOnline enough.

Tamara J. Brown, Oregon, USA

You're great! You are very user friendly, the UX is super and everything I have tried functions properly. All in all, superb job!... Thanks for creating MyRouteOnline! It has fundamentally changed the way my business functions! Poster Child hearts MRO!

Helen Conza, Bullet cleaners, Australia

We have been very happy with MyRouteOnline. We are only a small company but it helps us allocate the quickest and shortest routes for our cleaners. We like the page set out and find it very easy to use. Everyone in the office has it on their computer now.

Jason M., NY, USA

I am in the landscaping industry but specialize in foreclosed properties. In the past I have used free software which was fine for the time. Now that we have grown and have multiple crews (routes) to assign work to, as well as multiple clients from which I receive work from being able to do multiple routes and any number of addresses is a necessity after the ease of your program.

Carolyn Reynolds and William King, Brisbane, Australia

We have been really impressed by your services and we also think your Customer Service Department is fantastic! ...Impressive, great features, great support…Keep up the exceptional great work!!

Matt Bourgeois, CA, USA

This program is excellent! I can plan in minutes what normally takes hours! The customer support is fast, and the site is constantly improving! Way to go guys!

April Edwards, E-Scape Lawn Care, USA

I love your program and will be using in the spring-fall. It is a great software program for person use and if you own a business or if you are planning a trip and need to stop a couple a place in between. We use this program for our business. We are a landscaping business. So this program has taken out the guess work of the routing the routes. I tell everyone about this program.

Jennifer Hundley, Just Between Friends North Bay, USA

I LOVE MyRouteOnline! It has saved me so much time! In addition to myself, my mom and my husband, I have a small team of volunteers that drive around and deliver collateral. In the past I used google maps and it took me lots of time and the routes were not always the most efficient. I have gotten great feedback from my volunteers and even my mom who can be quite "particular" with her routes!

Innovations in Learning, Indiana, USA

We transport individuals with disabilities to and from our day program. We began using your service to sketch out the route that would be most beneficial to us as a company as well as the comfort of our consumers. MyRouteOnline has been a useful tool in our transportation services. Thank you!

Raj, USA

The application is brilliant and is very easy to use.

Lone, Alberone, Italy

Works perfectly, without a hitch all the way.

Charlette, Texas, USA

I 1000% recommend this site and the customer service promptness is to be commended. I am an independent owner of a legal services company and I could not do all of my runs without yall.

Steve Martin, IL, USA

Your software has been a life saver!! Every year I am part of a program that provides Christmas gifts for many struggling families, "Rockton Lions". Not only do the kids get toys and clothes, the parents also get gifts as well as everything needed for a Christmas Diner! Each year the amount of families served go up and in 2018 a total of 135 families were given the gift of Love from the community. You see all money is raised by donations from individuals and local businesses and volunteers deliver. For every family who receives, there is a family that delivers. Prior to finding your service I would have to enter each address and print a google map one at a time. That process took FOREVER! Now with your software I created a database that allows me to export to Excel and I simply copy and paste! If an address is not clear, I can fix it with a few clicks! I have been using your software since 2015 and plan on using it each year going forward!!

Van Buren, Sydney, Australia

Unbelievable! My Bottom Line is down 16%.

Luís, Portugal

MyRouteOnline seems to be together on top of route planning programs, and has the “bonus” of being an online service, accessed from anywhere and by anyone, no installation needed - a big plus! Cumprimentos.

Doug, USA

Thanks a million, you saved me a lot of time looking at a map for each location and plotting my own route! Fantastic!!!

Bryan, Dallas, USA

This program is awesome… exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Scott R., IN, USA

I am very impressed. I signed up for the service last night and I am amazed at the results. I have been stumped for a couple of weeks about how to plan a cold call campaign and this did the trick for me. MyRouteOnline outlined everything I need to get the campaign off the ground. I reviewed my findings with my manager this morning and he appears to be very impressed as well. I am giving him a presentation on it next week. Thank you!


I hate wasting time, I hate wasting gas and I hate polluting the environment. Your service helps everyone achieve this goal. Thank you.

James, K., MN, USA

I have done tons of research for routing software and mapping software and combinations of the two. We were looking for something to help with new carriers or more specifically, downed routes. Your software offers the greatest impact for this at the cheapest cost. We were not looking for something to manage or replace our existing software we use, just a complimentary software.

Donnessha, California, USA

This service is pretty awesome because it saves so much time by it being so convenient & accessible. I will continue to use your services as well as spread the word....Who needs a map when I have you!!!!

Sara, Ohio, USA

I love your program! It made routing trucks so much easier than the process we have been following. I especially like the ability to indicate how long our driver will be at each stop, as well as the ability to dictate the number of routes. I appreciate the flexibility in moving stops around if needed. It also opened my eyes to new routing options and paths. Thanks!


I chose MyRouteOnline due to the fact that I thought it would be a good site for use in my landscape and property preservation company. Currently I use this at least a couple times per week if not more. Within a month I use roughly 60-80 addresses. Up until I found your site I would just try to plan our routes via current knowledge of areas and we found ourselves backtracking quite often. This site has greatly improved our operating times and getting our routes done faster. My company specializes in complete property services, as I tell my customers often that if its outside then we do it, and have recently expanded our services to include property preservation throughout Northern NY.

Craig and Dorothy, USA

Thank you for your service. Our plans changed and so did our intended trip. I had to start over and re-work travel plans. Your service was a big help.

Michael Guadagna, NY, USA

Your route planner is extremely helpful to my business. I own a SealCoating business and service approximately 70 customers per week. Using your route planner saves me countless hours per week in drive time versus me trying to make up the route myself. Thank You.

Victoria Henrich, OnCall Staffing, Vice President

I love it!! Couldn’t do my work as efficiently without it. Just informed my new sales rep about it and she will be signing up too!!

Mark K., USA

I was very happy with the website and your service. My organization has an annual fundraising event where we deliver gift baskets. I used MyRouteOnline to create the routes. Previously, somebody spent about a week with Streets and Trips doing what I did in a couple of hours. I will do it again next year. It was so easy.

Matt McKinney, Owner You Move Me, USA

Currently we use your routing system to plan our moving routes for each week. The guys love it because it saves them time and gives them a game plan for the day.

Laura, a Specialist with a school district. MN, USA

User friendly routing tool that meets a variety of user needs. Great & accommodating MyRoute Staff, who work as quickly & efficiently as possible, should you require assistance.

Beth Jacob Congregation, CA, USA

Thank you for your donation towards our 2019 Purim Baskets. Your donation allowed us to give Baskets of food to the elderly, holocaust survivors, people in need, and the community at large. THANK YOU for taking the time to help us. We would not be able to have done it without you.

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