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Truck route planning software

Create your truck routes with MyRouteOnline

In order to have successful results, business leaders must have access to the right tools, and the truck driving industry is no exception. Heavy-goods vehicle (HGV) drivers and businesses alike can benefit from a more customized delivery route, resulting in lowering business costs and improving driver satisfaction, driver retention, and higher driver safety.

Create your truck route with MyRouteOnline

Create your truck route with MyRouteOnline

Maintain Control
Many variables can impact the driver’s ability to plan a route if left to chance when operating an HGV. However, by providing drivers with route planner tools, drivers should have to make very few decisions related to their trip.

People often make less informed decisions when they must make real-time decisions. However, primarily determining a truck delivery route by GPS is not feasible. Our premium route planner has an array of features.

Traffic, for example, is one variable that can have a huge impact on the route. It should not be the drivers’ responsibility to choose how to get around obstacles. Instead, drivers should be able to choose an efficient and well-planned route that avoids all obstacles.

By using an HGV route planner and optimization software like MyRouteOnline, business owners can control the routes and decisions made on the road. In addition, human error is less likely to occur as fewer components are left to chance.
Maintain Awareness And Communication
Understanding where their trucks are on the road can help business owners and managers keep in close contact with drivers and enhance communication throughout the workday. This kind of awareness between a business’ management and its drivers creates a stronger sense of alignment and forms increased trust among employees and managers.

In an industry where details can change on a dime, having the correct information at a driver’s fingertips can be the difference between a satisfied customer and lost revenue.

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Increase Efficiency

An important factor in the success of a truck delivery operation is its efficiency. When making multiple deliveries a day, you should make sure to reduce driving time. Efficiency not only saves time but also saves money on fuel for business owners. Aimless driving or poorly planned routes can cost businesses a great deal of waste in fuel spending. These fuel expenses begin to mount pretty quickly when drivers are making multiple deliveries per day.

Because businesses compensate drivers for their time, a more efficient route reduces road time and allows the company to allocate money more efficiently.

HGV route planners also assist drivers in turning their attention more to safety instead of directions. Safety is essential not only for the driver’s well-being but also for the wellbeing of those around the driver.

Keep a Dynamic Route

Many factors go into deciding the route of a multi-stop route. The creation of the route should take into account all of these elements to maximize efficiency. With MyRouteOnline, an HGV route planner, the truck route planning software is optimized for traffic, speed, and distance to deliver the most intelligent and dynamic route possible for the truck.

Using MyRouteOnline, truck delivery companies can optimize their routes and make better plans for the future. As a result, not only can businesses save time and money, but they can also take control over the delivery process and stay in contact with delivery drivers. As a result, businesses can improve efficiency, safety, and profits by using an HGV route planner like MyRouteOnline.

Common FAQs for HGV and commercial drivers:

Question: Can I get truck route directions for free?

Answer: If you’re wondering how to get truck route directions for free, you’re in luck because MyRouteOnline has made it easier than ever before to access reliable free truck routing information for HGVs and commercial drivers. Head to MyRouteOnline to try it yourself; you have the option to start a free trial and get truck routing maps for free.

Question: Can Google Maps be used for trucking?

Answer: If you’re looking for free truck route directions, yes, Google Maps is a viable option to help you navigate the twists and turns of the road. However, for those who need to complete a more comprehensive route with numerous stops, Google Maps only acts as a semi-route planner because it can not factor in more than 9 stops. That’s why MyRouteOnline and Google Maps make the perfect pairing. MyRouteOnline can be used by optimizing your route while factoring in hundreds of required stops. Once the heavy lifting is done, you can use your Google Maps app to navigate the road the same way you would for any other journey.

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