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Route Optimization for IT and Telecom Businesses

IT & Telecom

IT and Telecom businesses now serve more and more businesses, households, and institutions, due to the exponential rise of the automation and technologization brought about during the last decade, even more so during the pandemic. Being able to provide maintenance and support services in a timely manner is crucial in this field. An internet outage could mean no revenue for a company for as long as the outage lasts, as well as many unsatisfied customers and a complete stall of services. In such moments, you want to make sure that your team of technicians is always available to provide immediate support for all your clients, as well as maintaining a daily schedule of installing new hardware and providing scheduled maintenance.

How can your business plan all this easily and efficiently? MyRouteOnline’s installation and maintenance route planning software is the tool that will help you accommodate all your needs, by ensuring that your teams can reach your desired destinations and conduct the appropriate maintenance in the most efficient way possible, while taking into consideration important aspects such as workflow, timing, traffic and vehicle load.

Features you’ll find useful:
Time Windows – MyRouteOnline takes your Time Windows into account when optimizing your route.
Navigation app – MyRoute app makes it easy to navigate a multi-stop route using your favorite navigation app.

Case studies you’ll find interesting:
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