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Route planner software for delivery drivers

Enhance your transportation efficiency

In recent years, a lot of business owners introduced delivery services to their businesses. And with numerous delivery options available, companies can keep a high level of service, and the outcome is increased, customers. The shift in the market means that clients have now begun to anticipate a reliable and fast delivery service; however, regardless of the type of business you run, you have to keep up with the competition.

Create your delivery route with MyRouteOnline

Create your delivery route with MyRouteOnline

There are numerous challenges that road users, especially delivery drivers, messengers, and couriers, face during their everyday lives. Problems along the way, getting lost, and staying organized are some of the challenges they face.
When it comes to delivering goods to a client, the organization is crucial. Without a record of when items are expected, dispatched out, and collected by the clients, a delivery company risks losing profits through mismanaged products and false claims.
A vehicle breakdown is another thing that can be blamed for delayed deliveries; preventative vehicle maintenance can go a long way in preventing breakdowns. However, some things like normal wear and tear cannot be avoided, especially when the driver has to go for extended periods. Brakes, as well as other essential car parts, begin to wear. So, whether your priority is to schedule a large fleet or manage a successful marketing team, a written plan will only increase route errors; you will need a route planner software for delivery drivers.

Varieties of Businesses that can gain from a routing app for deliveries

Many different businesses will need to plan a delivery route for several different reasons. It is tough to imagine that there can come a time when a delivery driver will have to stop, roll down their windows and ask an outsider for directions. Those days are long gone, thanks to mobile applications and smartphones. People are now using a route planning programs to make things easy. Discover more businesses using our route optimization software:

Advantages of Using MyRouteOnline

Businesses face challenges in delivering their products daily, and a good routing app for deliveries can help them avoid common mistakes. Fleet managers can also ensure that their drivers are productive and well-organized with the help of a good route planner that will assist them in prioritizing tasks and offer optimum routing. MyRouteOnline is a simple-to-use online program that enables fleet managers to plan the whole route, with as far as 1000 addresses and time permitted between stops for supplies.
Also, route planning helps ensure that driver’s routes are efficient regarding the time spent on the way and the distance traveled. This then allows drivers to deliver more within their shifts. MyRouteOnline also ensures that drivers use little time responding to last-minute modifications and enables a business to be more efficient with deliveries. Besides, using MyRouteOnline can help protect your business from legal hassles that come up when deliveries are lost or delayed.
So, even before you start your deliveries go online and enter all your addresses, with time intervals to facilitate excellent customer service. After entering the details, save them and begin your deliveries. As long as you have a smartphone with internet connectivity, you can access the route and go stress-free. MyRouteOnline will do the task for you, ensuring that you get everywhere safely and in the ultimate efficient and logical way possible. Not only this, but there is an automatic destination reroute which will divert you from any traffic that you may have encountered on the original route.


Question: What is the best app for routing deliveries?

Answer: One of the most common questions that come our way, and honestly, you may think we’re a little biased, but in our opinion, the best app for routing deliveries is MyRouteOnline. It is the most comprehensive and intuitive, plans efficient routes and caters to delivery drivers and businesses.

Question: Why should I choose MyRouteOnline as my go-to route-planning software for deliveries?

Answer: MyRouteOnline offers numerous advantages, making it the top choice for routing deliveries. Beyond optimizing routes, it helps drivers and teams save time and fuel, increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and stay in communication with the wider team to track progress and performance.

Question: How does MyRouteOnline help in optimizing routes for delivery drivers?

Answer: MyRouteOnline uses advanced algorithms to optimize routes based on multiple factors such as traffic conditions, distance, delivery time windows, and vehicle capacity. The primary default setting of the app is to save drivers as much time on the road as possible. This can free up more time in their schedule for other responsibilities such as an extra load of deliveries, admin, or personal life tasks. It removes all of the unnecessary backtracking and leaves you with a clear, optimized route.

Question: Can MyRouteOnline handle large delivery volumes?

Answer: Absolutely! MyRouteOnline is designed to handle deliveries of all sizes. So whether you’re a new business owner operating as a solopreneur, wearing all of the hats of the job – the organizer, the creator, the driver – MyRouteOnline is the second employee you desperately want to hire but aren’t ready to yet. Or, let’s say you operate a large-scale enterprise with delivery truck units across states that need hundreds of routes created daily; MyRouteOnline can handle both ends of the spectrum. So, if you’re a business owner of any size looking for routing apps for delivery drivers, stop looking. You’ve found it.

Question: Is MyRouteOnline suitable for both local and long-distance deliveries?,

Answer: MyRouteOnline is versatile and can be used for local and long-distance deliveries. Whether you’re simply looking to cross town in the quickest way possible or cross state lines to get a package to a customer, MyRouteOnline can help you create the most efficient routes regardless of the distance and navigate the best route for you.

Question: Does MyRouteOnline integrate with GPS or navigation systems?

Answer: Yes, MyRouteOnline seamlessly integrates with many popular GPS devices and navigation systems. You can easily export optimized routes to popular navigation apps, such as Google Maps, Waze, or GPS devices. This allows drivers to navigate easily, accurately, and safely while behind the wheel.

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