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Privacy Policy

MyRouteOnline respects the privacy of our customers.

We respect the privacy of our customers and others with whom we correspond. We never sell or share detailed customer information with anyone. We never share e-mail contents (as a testimonial for example) without an expressed permission.

We do maintain a customer database. We may send emails to inform our customers of new product releases or services available and other information that they may find interesting.
We may also contact our customers via surveys to conduct research about our current or potential services.

We may make use of customers’ company name as a way to communicate our sales message to prospective customers. For example, if your company purchases a license, we may add your company’s name to the list of customers shown on our web site. We always honor requests to remove a company name from that list.
We’ve enabled remarketing advertising features via Google advertising cookies. A cookie is a string of data, sent to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are required in order to use MyRouteOnline route planner. We use them for the process of geo-coding, in the beginning of your route-planning and when you visit our website again, the cookies allow us to recognize your addresses.
You can choose to opt-out of the use of your data for interest-based advertising by downloading and installing this add-on for your web browser.
You may unsubscribe from MyRouteOnline communications by clicking on the opt-out link located at the bottom of our emails or by sending an email to
Additionally, you may unsubscribe by contacting MyRouteOnline Support at:
MyRouteOnline may update its privacy policy and you may review it at any time.