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Manual Changes

Manually move stops within a route, or between routes

  1. Is there any way to edit an address after it has been routed without clicking “back” and going all the way back to the list of addresses and re routing the whole thing?
    Answer: Editing an address after the route is planned is similar to adding an address to an existing route. The only difference is that you aren’t adding, you are merely editing an existing address. Please follow the steps in this video. (When you get to the Manual Changes portion, be sure to Un-Check the box that says “Optimize Remaining stops”. Watch this video for more information.

  2. Sometimes when we optimize a route, a particular stop needs to be at a certain time or close to it, so we make a manual change for that stop and force it above or below, so that when optimized it’s roughly at the time we want it to be, this works quite well.
    However the problem I’m having now is, I often need to go back to Step 1 and adjust stop times, when I do this and optimize, I lose the manual changes I’ve made to force any stops to be at a particular point.
    What could possible solve this is the ability to adjust stop times at Step 3 after the route has been optimized. This way the optimized route will stay exactly the same, only the times will change based on any stop time modifications.

    Answer: When you change the service time for a stop, don’t re-plan the route. Simply click the “Results” button, taking you back to Step 3. Now, go to the map and select any stop on the map, as if you are going to make a manual change. In the manual changes window, simply select the route and stop that you are working on and un-check the box that says “Optimize remaining stops”. Then click “Move”.
    Nothing will be moved around on the routes, but the service times will be updated.
    For example, you have updated the service time for Stop 2 on Route 1. Click the Results button to return to Step 3. On the map, select Stop 2 on Route 1, causing the Manual changes window to open. In the window select Route 1, Stop 2 (as if you are moving the stop…but it won’t move because you’re not moving it anywhere), then un-check “optimize remaining”.
    What you are basically doing is forcing the program to re-calculate without moving anything.

  3. I am resetting my route for today and some of the destinations I didn’t complete yesterday how do I remove without out permanently removing an address so I can make a new route for today?
    Answer: If I am understanding your question correctly, I would suggest that you simply move the unwanted addresses to a new route. To do this, simply left click on the drops on the map. When the Manual Changes window pops up, select “New Route” in the window. Those stops will now be sent to a brand new route, separate from the others. Watch this video to learn more.

  4. Love what you have going on but have a question. Is there a way we can change the order of the stops per each route. The planner does a good job for general purposes but it would be nice to override the programming. On Google maps we can move drop f to drop c if needed and it recalculates. Do you have a version like this or are we missing something?
    Answer: You may indeed manually change the stop sequences on your routes. Have a look at this short video for details.

  5. I have 8 routes set up and would like to add one route to make it 9. Can I add that route and assign existing accounts from other routes to the new route on the same map without having to start all over?
    Answer: This is very easy to do. Simply left click on a stop on your map that you wish to move to your new route. Then, close the manual changes window and click on the rest of your stops, until you have selected all of the stops you wish to move (you can use the polygon to select multiple stops as once). Then, click the Manual Changes button, and select “New Route” in the Manual Changes window.
    Have a look at this short video tutorial. In the video, we are moving multiple stops to a different “existing” route, but you can just as easily choose “New Route” instead.

  6. How do I make manual changes within an overnight route?
    Answer: If you know how you wish to travel, you can plan your entire route as a one single route first, and then make the manual changes as follows:
    1) Make manual changes as needed to get your route exactly how you want to run it.
    2) Export the single route to an Excel spreadsheet, then import the new spreadsheet.
    3) Make sure your Start and End addresses are correct.
    4) In the Goals tab, set your parameters (Service Time, Lunch Break, etc) as needed. In the Optimization section, set “Routes are Optimized by “Keep Order As Is””. Then set the number of hours per day.
    5) Plan your route.

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