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Route planner USA

Do you find yourself having to arrive at multiple destinations during the same day, but no possible way of doing so?
It can be overwhelming, to say the least, staring at that giant list of addresses that all need to be hit throughout the day. You sit there in your vehicle, pondering how on Earth you’re going to fit it all in and frantically trying to map out the most methodical route to visiting each of these required stops.
Well, before you start pulling your hair out, remember you’re not alone.
There are multitudes of business owners in your shoes, seeking the secret to combating this impossible task – and don’t fret as we are the solution you seek.
MyRouteOnline has become a fast favorite with hundreds of delivery drivers, business owners, and long-haul drivers today. This app has a sophisticated algorithm baked in, quite like no other. Because of this, MyRouteOnline has become the go-to for many seeking a USA road trip planner for drivers today who are on a multi-stop journey across the country.
It’s the ultimate solution to the enormous task of visiting multiple stops in an efficient manner, making the most of drivers’ time and fuel. Many businesses have implemented MyRouteOnline into their everyday practices as they are looking to optimize their processes and save time and costs wherever possible, which MyRouteOnline helps them to achieve.

Here’s why drivers love MyRouteOnline:

It increases time efficiency. As mentioned, MyRouteOnline has a highly advanced algorithm, allowing it to craft time-efficient routes, up to 1,000 stops in mere minutes! (Imagine how long it would take if you had to do that all manually.) This is one of the reasons why it’s a leading road trip across America planner.
It saves you costs. By cutting down on time spent on the road and the distances traveled, you are saving on fuel costs, as well as limiting the amount of wear and tear on your vehicle. Beyond this, it frees up more time in employees’ schedules, making your business more time-rich.
You can select your preferences. After you have uploaded your addresses (yeah, you can upload them; you don’t have to type them in individually), you can select what preferences you would like to prioritize. Such as time over distance, the opposite, or strike a balance between the two.
Getting started with our road trip planner in the USA is easy as pie! Try it for yourself, for free, by following these steps:

  1. Import an Excel spreadsheet with as many as 1000 destinations
  2. Optimize your route by time or distance to get the fastest route
  3. Open your route on your mobile and Navigate with MyRoute app
    *You can get driving directions in Spanish too.

Try our USA Route Planner!
Forget about being concerned about the amount of time, money, and fuel you and your drivers are spending on the road. As, here at MyRouteOnline, our route optimization tool can help you get around the USA.

Avoid Time Consuming Tasks
Planning is the key to avoid wasteful practices. And, all salesmen, truck drivers, couriers and so on know, that having an organized route is the key to avoiding wasteful practices. On the road, there are many obstacles that could easily throw a wrench in the works, such as having to fill up on fuel, or stopping for unexpected repairs. These changes and obstacles can easily turn your already stressful day, into chaos if you don’t have a clear organized plan ready, that maps out your multiple routes.

Of course, creating such plan is no easy task. We’re sure you’re all familiar with the tedious job of entering multiple stops into Google Maps, each time you need to arrive at a new destination. As a result, you’re left with a route that can have you driving back and forth all over town.

Which is why here at MyRouteOnline, we work to optimize travel routes, allowing you to divert the time and energy you would normally spend planning – onto your customers. All you have to do is input your addresses manually, or upload an excel sheet containing as many as 350 addresses, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our efficient route map can be downloaded to the MyRoute App, which you can use to easily navigate around your multiple stops across America. This not only, helps you avoid time-consuming problems, such as backtracking – which also wastes money by using extra gas – but also makes your company greener by decreasing your carbon footprint.

Supported Anywhere

When it comes to planning most routes across the USA, most people turn to Google. As Google is always up to date with the latest traffic announcements and unexpected problems – it only makes sense that they would have all your route answers.

But, Google Maps isn’t as great when it comes to a multi-stop trip, as Google only allows users to enter one destination at a time. This makes planning a route across America, not only frustrating but can lead to many mishaps, such as losing track of destinations and running into hassles.

By using a map with multiple stops you can easily view your routes, and with our multi-stop tool you can include as many as 350 addresses and it can optimize travel routes, based on traffic and unexpected traffic problems.

Here at MyRouteOnline, we synced our platform with Google Maps to guarantee that our route planner multi stop tool has the solution for such difficulties. You can use our optimization tool anywhere that Google Maps is supported – which essentially is everywhere.

Our tool is both cost and time effective and ensures that you and your drivers spend the least amount of time on the road by providing you with the shortest distance. We’re sure you’ve experienced the many stresses of being on the road, and sometimes these stresses can find drivers getting lost in unfamiliar areas. But, with MyRouteOnline’s international route planner, they can drive to their various destinations stress and hassle-free. With My Route Online, your drivers only need to focus on the road, as we provide them scheduling and directions to ensure that they reach their destinations.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
All your customers know the frustration of having to sit around at home waiting for their delivery, or whatever service they have ordered – only to find that they are running late or not arriving at all. Well, with our service we can help you avoid keeping your customers waiting and avoid disappointments and delays.

Our tool lets you set a Service Time for any location, which allows you to decide how long you want to stay at each location. And, it makes the necessary calculations to figure out your finished routes. Ultimately, this feature lets you avoid late arrival times, and increases positive feedback received from customers.

Customers also enjoy early arrival times, the sooner they receive their products or service the more loyal customers they become, as they realize you are trustworthy. Particularly in a country like America, where there are plenty of old roads in urgent need of repairs. Traveling in a country as big as the USA demands the use of a route planner, that can make your process simpler.

You can greatly benefit from our route planner tool by saving travel expenses and time. You can set a customizable goal for what you and your business want and you can also view your routes on the map and increase your customer satisfaction by setting a service and delivery time.
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