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Delivery Company Maximized Efficiency with our USA Route Planner

The Company

With a food delivery business that provides meals to families across Northern California, performing at maximum efficiency is crucial. Farm-to-table companies, such as the one featured in this case study, deliver farm fresh ingredients packed in ready to make recipe boxes directly to client’s homes. They pride themselves in providing the very best quality ingredients sourced directly from local farmers who engage in sustainable farming practices and treat their livestock with the utmost care. As head of logistics, John is responsible for all delivery route planning and manages the drivers who set out to deliver the fresh products to their loyal customers.

The Issues

Facing a recent growth spurt in the business, John was struggling to adapt his route planning with each new client added to the roster. The company was facing:

  1. Difficulty streamlining delivery activities and optimizing daily routes
  2. Rising expenses for fuel
  3. Delivery driver time was not being utilized to it’s maximum potential

The company’s drivers are responsible for shipping fresh ingredients to clients located in highly saturated residential areas from San Jose to Daly City and all surrounding cities. Not only are they spending great amounts of time stuck in traffic, but it is also imperative that they make their deliveries in record time because the freshness of the ingredients depends on it!


With the sudden growth in clients, the company deployed three vans with roughly the same weekly route because most clients receive one package a week, therefore:

  1. Each van had approximately 60 clients on its daily route;
  2. Making for a grand total of 300 stops per week.
  3. Altogether, the three vans needed to reach 900 clients every week

Which is no easy feat to plan…

The Solution

How did they fix the new mess that came with their rapid success? The short answer is by moving from this:

USA Route Planner the problem

USA Route Planner the problem

To this:

USA Route Planner the solution

USA Route Planner the solution


To combat the new issues, John found and began using it as a logical step in attempting to control delivery costs. As soon as they began using the USA route planner, the company was able to:

  1. Cut two hours off their daily route planning;
  2. Save 20% on their fuel and delivery time expenses.

“Any business that runs on deliveries should be using this USA route planner. You ensure that your drivers’ time is utilized to it’s maximum potential and your fuel efficiency will get to the level that is simply impossible with manual route planning” says John, the primary user of MyRouteOnline for his company.

The Result

John’s company chose MyRouteOnline for its ease of use and proven results with lowering their fuel and delivery costs. By shortening driving time and distance through using MyRouteOnline, both the drivers and John were thrilled with the fast results and savings they accomplished by using the online route planner.

John boasts, “I’ve succeeded in maximizing our efficiency and the hours I used to spend manually planning out driving routes, are now in the past! Thanks to MyRouteOnline I have more time to focus on more pressing matters”.

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