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New Zealand Route Planner

Back in 2012, Forbes did an article on the best countries in which to do business. On the heels of the US presidential election, America had fallen to 12th place in the list and interestingly enough, New Zealand climbed to the number one spot. Why? Because while they may be the smallest economy at $162 billion (US dollars), they offer more “personal freedom and investor protection, as well as a lack of red tape and corruption.”

Even though New Zealand is a small country with a ‘small’ economy, there is still a significant amount of deliveries being made each and every day in the island nation. With a low corporate tax and support for entrepreneurship, New Zealand is a great place for a profitable business. However, that doesn’t mean business owners can afford to squander the excess profit on high vehicle repairs, increased fuel costs and high driver turnover costs.

New Zealand’s top exports are dairy, eggs and honey which all need to be delivered to local stores as well as airports and seaports for exporting. Also, a majority of the dairy farms (74%) are in the northern part of the island, with 34% located in Waikato.

What can you do to save transportation costs for your dairy farm?

Two words: route planning.

Let’s take a look at Willowbank Farm, one of the highest dairy production farms in the region. In order to get the dairy products from the farm down to the southern part of the country, the fleet must travel quite a distance. Below is a comparison of two route planning programs, Google Maps and MyRouteOnline. Let’s take a look and see the differences.

New Zealand route with Google Maps

New Zealand route with Google Maps

The above image shows that the Google maps route would take almost 17 hours to complete and 1330 kilometers. Also, the addresses had to be entered manually, which can be tedious if you have many delivery stops along your route.

Here is the MyRouteOnline Route Planner:

New Zealand route with MyRouteOnline

New Zealand route with MyRouteOnline

As you can see, the time it would take with an optimized route is significantly less than the Google route planner, coming it at 9 hours and 45mins (taking out the lunch break). Also, this route is almost half the number of kilometers at 748.43. The fuel and labor savings in this one route are incredible! Even with gas prices being fairly low in New Zealand, coming in at $1.45 US dollars per gallon, it does fluctuate.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using an optimized route planner. MyRouteOnline understands that need and wants you to see for yourself. Try it today for free!

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