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Route Planner in Germany

In 2015, a survey conducted by JDA Software and Centiro asked German consumers who made purchases requiring delivery whether online or in stores if they were happy with the delivery service. A resounding 48% said they were dissatisfied, citing late deliveries (48%), missing the delivery even though they were home (45%), received damaged goods (24%) or the worst, they never received their delivery (26%!!!). This is very bad news for German retailers.

Consumers vote with their wallets. If they are unhappy with the goods or service, they will spend their money elsewhere. If you are a retailer located in Germany or doing business internationally, it is essential to have a reliable delivery system. One solution that can solve several of these problem is using a route optimizing program.

By using a route planner optimizer, you will be able to predict delivery times in real time. MyRouteOnline is an online program that can be accessed from anywhere and allows time between stops. With proper planning, you can under-promise and over-deliver to your customers regarding timeliness of the delivery as well as ensuring the driver has ample time to hand the package to the customer, providing excellent customer service.

Being able to control the delivery process from departure to arrival is one critical element of delivery. Also making sure your drivers are able to focus on their job and customers instead of trying to find addresses or taking circuitous routes by using an old GPS. By using MyRouteOnline, with MyRoute App, you will have the control over the delivery process, keep drivers happy and save money! It is truly a win-win-win situation.
Not convinced yet? Let’s take a look at the delivery route. This is a sample route taken from a brewing company, delivering products all across Germany from homes to retailers. The first route was planned out by using Google.

Germany route with Google Maps

Germany route with Google Maps

As you can see, the total time traveling on the route is 25 hours and the distance is 2,643 km. This doesn’t include any time in between stops because it isn’t an option through Google.

Below is the same addresses entered into MyRouteOnline’s route optimizer.

Germany route with MyRouteOnline

Germany route with MyRouteOnline

As you can see, there is a drastic difference in using a route planner. The software finds the most direct routes, reducing the drive time to 10.5 hours (plus an hour for lunch) and only 1002.89 km in total distance. This is less than half of the time and length of the delivery route Google came up with. The savings in time and fuel are massive, not to mention creating more time for your driver to deliver your goods with excellent customer service.

MyRouteOnline is saving hundreds of companies thousands of dollars every year. Try it for free today and see for yourself!
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