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Door-to-Door International Route Planner

Are you into the transport business, courier services, or any person travelling the world? We understand that you may have a lot on your plate regarding route planning and organization. That is why MyRouteOnline is dedicated to offering a multi-route planner to make your work more manageable.
With our multiple stop route planner, we help you navigate the world and manage your most frustrating logistics. Removing the stress of crafting an overseas travel planner from scratch. Our international route planner and navigation software are optimized to cover some of the most common destinations across the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

With travel, whether it’s personal or professional, there is always an element of the unknown lurking around the corner. By this, we mean it’s common for things like travel delays, vehicle function issues, and more to delay your journey. This makes having a thorough world trip planner even more essential and allows you to maintain as much control as possible over the overall outcome of your trip.
To highlight this further, we have created a brief list of common issues that our multi-stops route planner helps you to address and overcome.

International Route Planner

Vehicle Breakdown
One of the most frustrating things about international travel is vehicle breakdown. We all dread the day that we have to spend hours parked on the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance. Simply watching the clock tick up and up, thinking about how much of a delay has occurred and how it will impact the next leg(s) of your journey. We understand that all vehicles experience wear and tear due to general use, and when we are constantly using our vehicles, this puts even more strain on them, particularly in scenarios such as courier services or long-haul procurement drivers.
This is why our international route planner is designed to ensure that you cover the shortest possible routes when you plan a multi stop trip. This helps prevent mistakes like getting lost on the roads, having to backtrack, and simply ensuring your vehicle is in action for as little time as possible. This is an excellent way of ensuring that your vehicle’s mileage is well-managed and you are still getting where you need to go in a timely and efficient manner.

Unproductive driving
There is no denying that drivers can be very unproductive, primarily due to some unavoidable circumstances resulting from factors, such as extended driving hours, accidents, etc.
However, the MyRouteOnline has an easy-to-use system with a multi-route planner accessible on a smartphone. With this system, drivers can access as many as 1000 destinations with planned routes for efficiency. This system features excellent routing, directions, and schedule that offers a solution to keep drivers focused on the road.
One of the most dreaded issues with a multiple stop trip is delays. Driving across different countries requires hours of planning and preparations. Even with the best drivers, some factors, such as closed roads and heavy traffic, can still cause delays. With the multiple stop route planner and navigation system that MyRoute app uses, drivers have everything they need to ensure the trip remains on track.
The international route planner system is integrated with Google maps to ensure you access every route and destination from your smartphone to keep moving.

Multiple stop route planner: The answer to your problems

Anyone involved in international travel understands the stress that comes with planning routes. You can cram all the stops, but navigating various destinations may be your worst nightmare if you do not have a comprehensive strategy and plan.
Every day a new route comes up with cities updating their road infrastructure to make transport more accessible. This aspect presents more challenges to drivers worldwide. However, if you have our multi route planner, you are sorted. So how can you do this?

  1. Import the Excel spreadsheet that allows you to fill up to 350 destinations across the world.
  2. Optimize your route by distance or time to get the best routes leading to your destinations.
  3. Export the routes to your smartphone with all destinations mapped up.
    You can use the route planner with a language of your choice.

The bottom line
We all agree that navigating various destinations may not be a walk in the park. Having an independent courier route will help you find more no traffic routes and help you get to your destination faster. That is why MyRouteOnline offers a more convenient way to plan and optimize your routes using a multiple-stop route planner integrated with Google maps. This system allows you to navigate the world using the most efficient and fastest routes.


Question: What is MyRouteOnline’s World Trip Planner?

Answer: MyRouteOnline’s World Trip Planner is a user-friendly feature within the MyRouteOnline app that is specifically designed to help courier services, delivery businesses, and avid travelers plan, navigate, and execute a complex journey that crosses borders. This overseas travel planner allows users to plan optimized routes across the globe.

Question: How can I get started and use it?

Answer: Once you have registered and logged in to the MyRouteOnline app, it just takes three short steps to get access to a planner route. First, upload a document of all of your required stops (up to 350 global destinations). Next, select your preferred optimization of distance or time. Then, once the app has calculated your routes, you can export them to your smartphone, iPad, or portable device to take on your journey with you.

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