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International Route Planner

International Route Planner

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Door-to-Door Donation Route with International Route Planner

The Company

The charitable organization highlighted in this case study is one that raises funds for humanitarian relief efforts across the world. With each humanitarian crisis that arises, donations go toward funding volunteer rescue efforts, delivering food supply and much needed healthcare to victims in need. Their most recent projects include aiding in the Syrian refugee crisis, providing rescue relief to victims of the Nepal earthquake, and delivering medical aid to victims of the West Africa Ebola outbreak. Based in Europe, the non-profit organization utilizes foot volunteers who go door-to-door collecting donations for their various projects. This type of activity is integral in aiding the expansion of the organization’s donor base, but at their current scope it also comes with some logistical nightmares. Anna, the organization’s logistics manager, is responsible for managing the foot volunteers and ensuring they are able to reach as many potential donors as possible on their daily routes.

The Issues

With donation collecting routes that cover most of continental Europe, Anna was facing:

  1. Difficulty maximizing volunteer times and optimizing daily routes
  2. Inefficiency in the manual route-planning process

After all the hard work Anna put into recruiting and maintaining volunteer jobs, she found that the bulk of her volunteers’ time was spent mapping out their collection routes instead of actually collecting donations.

  1. Anna had 10 volunteers per country and approximately 17 different countries with daily routes to make.
  2. The quota on their routes was to reach at least 60 houses per day.
  3. Clearly, something needed to be done to efficiently plan and optimize the roughly 5,000 stops the volunteers made each week.

Especially because the routes were different everyday, the organization couldn’t afford to lose too much time on planning routes. There is also a time sensitivity issue when it comes to door-to-door donation collecting as you don’t want to disturb families in the evening, so time was truly of the essence.

The Solution

After discovering’s international route planner, they were able to transform their routes from this:

International Route Planner problem

International Route Planner – the problem

To this:

International Route Planner - solution

International Route Planner – the solution

To combat their route planning issues, Anna found and figured it would be the best way to cut down on the time spent manually planning routes. Her decision soon proved lucrative as the organization was able to:

  1. Cut three hours off their daily route planning;
  2. 30% increase in donations because her volunteers could now make time to visit more houses than their previous daily quota.

“We couldn’t be more pleased from the results we received using the MyRouteOnline international route planner system!” gushed Anna. “Our volunteers are thrilled not to have to waste time planning their routes out like before and feel they are able to make an even greater contribution with their time using this system. “

The Result

The charitable organization could now easily have their volunteers automatically plan out the most optimal route for the day and quickly be on their way to collect donations. As each route changes on a daily basis, the organization was in need of an automated system that could do the tedious busy work for them, and that’s exactly what they got with MyRouteOnline. “Using the international route planner has been one of our best decisions to date”, says Anna. With less time spent planning, volunteers have significantly increased their returns and are able to make a greater impact with their time.

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