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Door-to-Door International Route Planner

Plan and optimize routes with our international route planner

Are you a business owner, truck driver, salesperson, or delivery courier with an international trip coming up?

With multiple destinations across the world to organize and plan, you can expect many logistical nightmares to arise. You end up finding yourself becoming extremely overwhelmed and in many cases overlooking or missing important planning elements.
But, don’t stress as here at MyRouteOnline we put the plan into action and turn your overwhelming endeavor into a walk in the park. Our route planning and navigation software comes in handy to all those frustrated logistics managers. We believe that planning doesn’t have to be stressful.
Our route planner works across the globe in the USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. We know that your numerous destinations are scattered around various cities, so we optimize your route to transform it to combat any route planning issues you may face.

So, what are some issues drivers may face on the international roads?

International Route Planner

International Route Planner

Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle maintenance plagues every driver, especially when they are due to embark on an international journey. Natural wear and tear occur regularly on vehicles, but vehicles that are constantly used over a stretch of time can expect to repeatedly experience wear and tear issues that impact their ability to arrive at their destinations efficiently and on time.

While having a route generator won’t save you from a potential breakdown, we can help you with your vehicle routing and scheduling to avoid getting lost and backtracking. Meaning, your drivers won’t unnecessarily be overusing their vehicle, and you can avoid delays in arrival due to maintenance issues.

Unproductive Drivers
Due to many out of control external factors, such as increased petrol prices, accidents, road closures, other distracted drivers and so on, many companies are facing the reality that their drivers aren’t as productive as they could be. The stress of being on the road and reaching all destinations on time is enough to lead to any slip-ups and inefficiency.

But, with MyRouteOnline’s easy-to-use system, routes can be set up, saved, and accessed on your smartphone. The system allows you to enter up to 350 addresses to be routed and creates an efficient time and fuel-saving route. With so many international destinations and unfamiliar roads, it’s fairly easy for drivers to get lost and end up backtracking. But, with the use of our hands-free solution, your drivers don’t need to focus on anything but the road. As they are provided with vehicle routing, scheduling, and directions guaranteeing they make it to their destinations in the fastest and most petrol efficient way.

Delays. Delays. Delays.
Any business owner attempting to plan a multi-stop international trip tries their best to avoid the elephant in the room, we’re talking about dreaded delays. Cross-crossing around numerous countries takes hours of preparation and planning, but it only takes one cancellation, lost package, or unplanned event to send your hardworking plans spiraling out of control. Think of it like a domino that starts the chain of unfortunate events that knockdown all your planning and preparation. Sounds like a nightmare, we wouldn’t wish upon anyone!

With our international route mapper, you can ensure your trip never gets off track. As our system is integrated with Google Maps, it will work all around the world as Google is supported everywhere. Therefore, you can count on endless possibilities of routes and if needed alternative routes, due to changes in destinations or other events.

New Day, New Route
Any delivery service or salesperson is well aware of how long stressful trips can wear you out – especially when every day presents itself with numerous new destinations. On a long trip, cramming in as many stops as possible may be a necessity, but, with no clear plan and strategy to tackle all those destinations, it will be a huge pain that wears you out physically and mentally.

Let’s be honest, being on the road isn’t any old walk in the park. Having new routes and destinations in different cities causes a huge challenge, as it calls for constant planning and re-routing. But, having the best route planner tool, that can do this for you every day will ensure your plan doesn’t go awry – in three simple steps.

  1. Import an Excel spreadsheet with as many as 350 destinations
  2. Optimize your route by time or distance to get the most efficient and fastest route
  3. Export your route to your smartphone and get a live map with all your destinations! You can navigate online or off, and receive driving directions in different languages.

Managing trips with multiple destinations is no easy feat – especially if every day you’re presented with new destinations.

Given the choice, any business owner, truck driver, salesperson, or delivery courier with an international trip coming up will be sure to dive into the deep end and rely on trusted Google Maps to navigate them in unsure waters. But, with hundreds of destinations, it’s more sensible to consolidate trips and create an optimized route that will get you around your multiple stops in the fastest and most fuel-efficient way.

No matter the inconvenience, or challenge, here at MyRouteOnline we can help you zig-zag your way around all your international destinations with our tool.

So, are you feeling inspired? Head on over to our platform and sit back and relax while we do the hard work for you.
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