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Google Maps Based Route Planner

Are you a business owner or driver that relies on route planners to make your trips faster and more convenient?
Use our journey planner for Google maps to plan your routes to different destinations in three simple steps.

  1. Import an Excel spreadsheet with as many as 1000 destinations or coordinates
  2. Optimize your route by time or distance to get the most efficient and fastest route
  3. Export your route to your smartphone and map out multiple locations.
    You can receive driving directions in different languages.

International Route Planner

Navigating different locations can be overwhelming for drivers who travel across the world. To make your work more manageable, MyRouteOnline software is designed to give you the best and shortest routes to your destinations with directions in your language of choice.
Our Multiple stop Route Planner software works in the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The software is designed to map out multiple locations and make route planning less demanding.

Why use the MyRouteOnline software?

MyRouteOnline software is the best way to plan, optimize, and manage your routes to make traveling faster and more convenient. You can pin multiple locations on a map and benefit from these features:

  • RD coordinate conversion to GPS coordinates
  • Our route planner for Google maps has a converter feature that allows you to convert RD coordinates to GPS coordinates for easier navigation.

  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • Find the best plan to optimize your routes using the MyRouteOnline software. The route plans start as low as $29. Additionally, we have a reliable refund policy if you are not satisfied with the services.

  • Excellent features
  • Our multi-stops Google map route planner has the best route planner features on various devices. Here are some of the features you can explore on our route planner software. Reloading and importing destinations to find the best routes, Optimizing routes with up to 1000 destinations across the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, Multi-routing allows you to plan multiple routes on the go, Exporting and saving the best routes, and more.

Benefits of using Google maps based route planner

The Google maps route planner allows you to plan the fastest and most convenient routes and get reliable driving directions. Here are some benefits of using the MyRouteOnline route planner software, based on Google Maps.

  • Receive turn-by-turn driving directions.
  • Access maps will mark all your stops.
  • Get real-time updates on the time you spend on the roads.
  • Plan the most efficient routes.
  • Reduce cost by taking the shortest routes to save on fuel consumption.
  • Reach your destinations faster.


  • What services does MyRouteOnline offer?
  • MyRouteOnline is a route planning software that allows you to find the fastest, most efficient routes when traveling through different destinations.

  • Who should use MyRouteOnline?
  • This software is for anyone traveling through multiple addresses and needs the most convenient route to make the journey less stressful.

  • Is Google maps route planner better than GPS?
  • GPS alone does not offer the option to optimize your routes. On the other hand, the Google maps route planner from MyRouteOnline is frequently updated to give you the most convenient routes.

  • Can Google maps plan multiple stops routes?
  • With Google maps alone, you will have to enter every destination manually. However, MyRouteOnline automatically plans routes with multiple stops.

The bottom line

Everyone can benefit from using MyRouteOnline Google maps route planner. Enjoy a cost-efficient route planner by planning multiple stops routes using the MyRouteOnline software.

Try our International Route Planner!