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TomTom Route Planner

Plan a route and drive with your TomTom GPS

MyRouteOnline - Best Shortest Path Algorithm
TomTom is the perfect choice for navigating from point A to point B.
Do you have multiple points to visit and no idea where to go first?
MyRouteOnline route optimization tool helps you plan the shortest route:
Step 1: Plan a route with the shortest path algorithm and Digitally dispatch routes to TomTom WEBFLEET.
Step 2: Hit the road with our optimized route and TomTom traffic info.


Import multiple destinations
Easily import multiple destinations
Plan and find the best route
Plan and find the best route
Upload route to TomTom device
Upload your route to TomTom

Sort your address list, no matter what order it is. Simply enter your addresses, preferably in Excel format, and plan a route. The program will calculate all possible routes, and will find the best route connecting this list of destinations.

It’s a very difficult task for people but with an online route planner, it’s only 3 steps, that save you time and fuel.
Another step you’ll need to take is uploading this route to TomTom and start navigating.

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