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Routing Parameters

Routing Parameters are located under GOALS tab.
Add your constraints to generate the best route that meets your needs.

General parameters

General parameters

  1. Departure Time
    Set the time you want to start your route. Enter a 24-hour value, e.g., 16:30.
    The default time is set to 9 AM.
  2. Service Time located next to each address
    Use this parameter to define how long you will stay at each destination.
    This may be the same for all destinations or different, and it can be changed after planning your route.
  3. *Departure Time and Service Time can be updated later on if necessary.

  4. Lunch Break
    Enter the duration of your Lunch Break and the time this rest should start and end at.
Units and Preferences

Units and Preferences

  1. Distance Units
    Choose Miles or Km. The default unit is set to Miles.

  2. Travel Mode
    Choose Driving or Walking.

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