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MyRouteOnline UI-API for 3rd Party Software Integrations

Automate Export & Import from your system into our route-planner UI

Useful when you want to use the benefits of our route-planner UI and just automate the process of Importing & Exporting the addresses from and to your system.

Usage Flow:

  1. Call Upload API with your Addresses & Goals in REST/JSON format.
  2. Launch MyRouteOnline Route-Planner with your uploaded data in a new Window/Tab or iFrame.
  3. Using MyRouteOnline Route-Planner plan and modify your route-plan.
  4. Call Download to fetch the resulting route-plan back into your system (JSON format).

There is no extra charge for using the API. The charge is only for the consumed addresses credits.



Usage examples: Shopify Integration, Excel Plugin

What’s Next?

  1. Register with our web-planner to get your private API-Key at
  2. Using our web-planner – create a few optimization examples that satisfy your requirements including your chosen goals and constraints.
  3. Contact us at and we will send you an API code that simulates your optimization examples.
  4. Integrate the API code within your system and run your tests.
  5. That’s it 😊

We would love to help and walk you though all the implementation steps to get your integration working quickly and smoothly.

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