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Route Planner Software Features

Our Multi-Route, Multi-Stop Route Planner allows you to upload and map multiple locations, plan your visits and get the most efficient route. Our Route Planner software features can be best used on PC, tablet, or iPad, and then exported to Android or iPhone. Along with MyRoute app you’re given delivery solutions that improve your bottom line. Delivery solutions that minimize your planning time, reduce fuel costs, and decrease time on the road.

Reloading and Importing Contacts

Reloading and Importing Contacts

Reload saved routes

Reload and update saved routes

Import Contacts

Import contacts from Excel, Text, CSV

Google Drive and Dropbox

Import address lists from cloud storage

Optimizing Routes

Optimizing Routes

1000 Addresses

Plan as many as 1000 addresses per run

Service Time

Set a default Service Time or specific time for each location

4 Optimization Goals

Minimize Distance, Minimize Time, Balance Distance and Time

Multiple Manual Changes

Review your routes and manually move stops

Territories and Multi-Routing

Territories and Multi-Routing

Mapping Territories

Assign territories to balance workload

Unlimited Number of Routes

Plan any number of routes at once

Multiple Routes

Set Max. Route Duration or Number of Stops to plan multiple routes

Animate Directions

Review your route with route animation

Extended Trips

Plan a number of routes, each picks up where the previous takes off

Pick-up and Drop-off

Visit “drop-off” location after its matching “pick-up”

Saving and Exporting Routes

Saving and Exporting Routes

Save Routes Online

Save unlimited number of routes online

Export to Excel

Export routes to Excel and save them to your local computer


Send routes to any Email address or several emails at once

GPS & Google maps Navigation

Export routes to TomTom, Garmin, and Google Maps

Add-on and Integrations

Add-on and Integrations

Mobile App Navigation Assistant

Navigate your route with MyRoute app

Delivery Tracking

Track your driver’s delivery drops

API Integrations

Integrate your software with our Multi-Stop Routing and Mapping

Zapier Integration

Integrate with different apps through Zapier

Integration with TomTom Telematics’ WEBFLEET

Dispatch and track your routes