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Route Planning questions

To learn why you should use MyRouteOnline Route Planner, visit our General questions page.
To learn about MyRouteOnline pricing model and your personal account, visit our Pricing & Account questions page.


How does MyRouteOnline work?

Just enter your addresses in any order and MyRouteOnline will instantly give you the optimized route. You can choose between shortest, fastest or balanced. If you wish to change the route we planned for you, you can manually change it. Visit our Tips and Tricks page for more info.


Where can I access MyRouteOnline?

Users can login to their account from any computer in any location. MyRouteOnline works in North America (United States/Canada), Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. You can plan a route wherever Google Maps is available.


How can I map my route?

Open MyRouteOnline Route Planner and insert destinations. You can type the addresses, add them from the map, paste your addresses or import them from Excel. Once you inserted multiple locations, click ‘Plan My Route’ to optimize and map your route.


How can I track my mile?

There are two ways to track your miles – In the MyRoute app or in MyRouteOnline Route Planner when you export your route to Excel.


What are the minimum steps I need to follow in order to plan my route?

The first step is to enter your addresses, select a Home address (optional) and then click ‘Plan My Route’.


Is there a limit to the number of locations entered?

Currently we limit the number of locations to 350. There is no limit (other than the 350 limit) to the number of stops per route. There is no limit to the quantity of 350-stop routes you can plan.


Can I upload and download files? What types of files are supported?

Yes. You can upload and download files in a Text or Excel format. A special easy to use wizard will assist you.


How can I save my route after planning? Can I save my route online?

You may send the planned route to your email and print/save it from there. If your plan includes this feature, simply click Save and name your route. Your route will be saved on our secured servers, waiting for your next routing process. Once you need to use or edit a previously planned route, click Reload and choose the route you saved.


How can I see my route on my phone?

You can send your route to any email address you choose and you will be able to see the route. Simply click on the link to view the map and driving directions. You can also navigate a multi-stop route with Android.