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General Questions

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These are some of the questions our users asked, and the answers they received from our support team.


What kind of service is MyRouteOnline?

MyRouteOnline Registered Patent #9631938 is a web-based route planning software that finds the most efficient route traveling through multiple addresses.


Who needs it?

Any company or individual who work with deliveries, pickups or service routes. Some of these organizations include:
• Home and commercial delivery service employees who desire a map plan optimization
• Repair and service technicians who need a multi-route planner
• Sales representatives who want to optimize their sales routes
• Real Estate agents who wish to optimize their visits
• Garbage and recycling collectors who need to optimize their pickup routes
• Travelers and campers who wish to plan efficient travel routes
• Busy parents who want to organize their errands


What are the benefits of using a Route Planner?

The major benefits include saving fuel, time and money by using a fast and efficient route plan. That’s fewer roads and bridges traveled, less money spent on fuel, and less air pollution. Other benefits include a lower probability of accidents and a reduced insurance bill. MyRouteOnline will increase your productivity and keep you organized and efficient, giving your business a competitive edge.


Why not use my GPS?

You can email the planned route with a GPS file to any email address you choose, and you may open it on your GPS device. The GPS alone does not allow you to optimize your routes, and its maps are not updated as frequently as Google Maps, which MyRouteOnline uses. You may also open your planned route on your mobile phone (including your iPhone).


Why not use a free mapping service like MapQuest?

Free mapping services do not optimize your routes but rather give you a route connecting the addresses you enter in the same order they were input into the computer. Free mapping services like MapQuest only allow you to input a limited number of addresses per route, while MyRouteOnline allows you to input as many as 350 addresses per route with all kinds of necessary features. Manually routing your fleet even on a small scale is out of the realm of human capacity and is best left to computers. MyRouteOnline will give you the most efficient route in just seconds.


Why not use Microsoft’s Streets and Trips?

Microsoft Streets and Trips is no longer available. It was a mapping software that was downloaded to a single computer while MyRouteOnlile is a web-based service that is accessible from any computer. Furthermore, MyRouteOnline’s prices are very reasonable, and we use Google Maps, which are updated on a regular basis.


Can Google Maps Plan a route with multiple stops?

Google Maps requires you to manually enter each destination one-by-one in the order you would like to visit them. It doesn’t automatically plan a route with multiple stops like MyRouteOnline Route Planner.


Does Waze have a route planner?

Waze is used for navigating from point A to point B. With MyRouteOnline Route Planner, you can optimize as many as 350 stops.


What happens if we wrongly estimate our travel distance between points A,B,C?

You pay more for fuel, vehicle wear and tear, periodic maintenance, employee hours, etc. If you underestimated the travel time, you may also have some angry customers. Lost time can’t be regained. An efficient organization must balance its work capacity and service demands, ensuring the employees have the resources to get the job done. The MyRouteOnline optimization tool provides an easy-to-use method to strategically plan an efficient route, with accurate travel estimations based on Google Maps.