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FAQ – My Route Online

We understand that finding the right delivery routing software can be challenging. There are many factors involved when using planning and routing software, and it isn’t easy to know where to start. If this is your first time looking for delivery routing or if you’re already familiar with delivery routing software, we are here to help! We hope our FAQs will ease some of your pain and help you reduce your agitating questions.

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These are some of the questions our users asked, and the answers they received from our support team.


What kind of service is MyRouteOnline?

MyRouteOnline is an online routing software that helps you find the best delivery routing sequence when visiting more than one address. The Registered Patent #9631938 technology will save you time and money by helping you plan trip after trip more quickly and efficiently.


Who would benefit from this service?

All small to medium businesses that are looking for a simple delivery routing solution to optimize their service routes. This includes any delivery business or any business that has to make stops in several locations within a specific time. Numerous companies offering home delivery services have been using our routing software for years.


What are the benefits of using a Route Planner?

The primary benefit of fast and efficient routing software is saving time, fuel, and money. MyRouteOnline allows you to plan a route that is significantly shorter, safer, and cheaper. It will help you avoid traffic jams, expensive tolls, roads under construction and minimize your impact on the environment.


Why not use my GPS?

You can transfer your planned route to your GPS device only through email. Unfortunately, it cannot provide the same level of optimization as MyRouteOnline.
MyRouteOnline automatically optimizes your route based on the fastest driving times, traffic delays, and road closures. If you’re in an unfamiliar city, GPS may not be your best option for getting to your destination. MyRouteOnline offers you more options, including an option that allows you to use your smartphone to view the route.


Is MapQuest similar to MyRouteOnline?

Routing maps services like MapQuest have been doing a pretty good job of connecting the exact addresses that you have to travel to in a logical order. However, they don’t optimize the route, only telling you to turn right or left at an intersection. As a result, you are not able to reach your destination efficiently. You may also be limited to only a few addresses when using free mapping services. MyRouteOnline is a premium software that can map as many as 350 addresses while still optimizing your way based on traffic patterns and other factors.


Can I use Microsoft Streets and Trips Instead?

Microsoft Streets and Trips was once one of the best route mapping software. To use it, you had to download it to a single computer. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. MyRouteOnline is quite different since you can use it from any browser on any computer. Unlike Microsoft Streets and Trips, it doesn’t require installation and has innovative features that guarantee better results while on the road.


Can I Plan Multiple Stops with Google Maps?

Google Maps is not automatic. You have to input your destination in the order you want to travel. The problem is, it can be time-consuming and cumbersome if you have many places to travel. On the other hand, MyRouteOnline automatically maps your destination. You do not require to add your destination in a specific order. Don’t waste time trying to figure out where you’re going or how to get there. Just tell MyRouteOnline where you want to go, and let us take the reins while you kick back and enjoy the ride!


Does Waze have a route planner?

No, Waze doesn’t have a route planner. You can only use it when travelling from one destination to the next. But you can use MyRouteOnline to plan as many as 350 stops.


What happens if we wrongly estimate our travel distance between points A,B,C?

You pay more for fuel, vehicle wear and tear, periodic maintenance, employee hours, etc. If you underestimated the travel time, you may also have some angry customers. Lost time can’t be regained. An efficient organization must balance its work capacity and service demands, ensuring the employees have the resources to get the job done. The MyRouteOnline optimization tool provides an easy-to-use method to strategically plan an efficient route, with accurate travel estimations based on Google Maps.