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Delivery route planning software

Delivery route planning Software is the practice of mapping out and planning a route and logistics to deliver products to customers. Restaurants, service and maintenance companies and fleet managers can all utilize delivery route planning software to grow their business. Failure to use route planning and scheduling software that will help you map out delivery routes and timings means you will not be able to exceed or meet your customer’s expectations, and you can potentially lose them.

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User Guides

Learn how to use our Route Planner


How to import files, manually enter the addresses, reload saved routes and use the filter in or out.


How to start, create various routes simultaneously, incorporate service time, account for order size and truck volume, plan extended trips, set territories for delivery drivers, and plan a route with pick-up and drop-off locations in mind.


How to modify a route, move several addresses, or even add an address to a current route.


How to manage orders and track vehicles, synchronize routes with Google Maps, email routes to drivers, and export routes to Excel, Garmin, and TomTom.


How to use animated directions, navigate a Multi-Stop route on iOS and android, print a large map, save routes online, get driving directions in multiple languages, and navigate the route with Waze.

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FAQ’s – Route Planning

Find answers or reach us at: [email protected]

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Case Studies

Meet others who plan routes using our Route Planner

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