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Why Truck Routes Require More Than a GPS System

Google Maps and Waze are great tools, but not enough

Businesses need to be prepared with the correct tools in order to have the best results possible. Both the driver of the truck and the business can benefit from the structure and strategy of a better-crafted delivery route.

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Truck routes

Stay in Control
When sending trucks out for deliveries, it is difficult to stay in control of the situation. There are many variables that, when left to chance, are in control of the driver of the vehicle. However, if given the correct tools, the drivers should not have to make any of the decisions involving their trip.
When there are real-time decisions to be made, people often make quick, less informed choices. But a truck delivery route cannot be determined with just a quick GPS search. There are tons of different variables, such as traffic, that can affect the route. It should not be up to the drivers to decide how to get around these obstacles, but rather they should be able to have a well-planned, dynamic, and efficient route that avoids the obstacles all together.
By using an optimization software like MyRouteOnline, business owners are able to stay in more control over the routes and decisions being made on the road. There are fewer components left to chance and fewer opportunities for human-error to intervene. By using the best GPS software available, the most reliable truck route can be made.

Maintain Awareness
By planning a well thought out route in advance, business owners and managers are able to have a better idea of where their trucks are on the road. This creates a stronger sense of awareness between a business’ management and their drivers. Managers can see the truck routes in advance and plan their operations accordingly. This is a very useful tool in maintaining a general sense of awareness in different business operations.

Increase Efficiency
Without a doubt, one of the more important parts of truck deliveries is their efficiency. When making multiple deliveries a day, it’s crucial that it is done in a timely fashion. On top of saving time, efficiency saves business owners money. If trucks are driving around without a clear purpose or going out of their way, gas money is being wasted. With so many deliveries happening per day, the expenses start to add up very quickly.

Drivers are paid for their time, as well. With a more quick and organized route, less time is spent on the road, and money can be allocated in the most efficient way possible. Drivers can also focus on safety rather than on directions. Not only is safety important for the wellbeing of the driver, but for the wellbeing of those around the driver, too.

Keep a Dynamic Route
There are many different components that weigh into deciding a multi-stop route. In order to maximize efficiency, all of these components should be factored into the creation of the route. MyRouteOnline factors in many different components of traffic, speed, and distance in order to make sure that the truck route is as smart and dynamic as possible.

By using MyRouteOnline, companies with truck deliveries are able to plan ahead and optimize routes. Not only does this save valuable time and money, but it allows business owners to be able to have more control over the delivery system and stay in better touch with their drivers. MyRouteOnline can enhance business efficiency, safety, and profits.

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