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Truck (HGV or Lorry) Route Planner & Driving Directions

Challenges Commercial Drivers Face on the Road

The challenges facing many commercial vehicle drivers today is the need to combine speed and efficiency with safety on the road. Many companies are shifting their focus to ensuring lorry drivers are safe on the road, with the increase of gadgets and distractions on the road.

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Truck routes

Many companies are facing increased costs in gas, repairs and insurance due to higher volumes of accidents. Routes are not being planned with efficiency, therefore HGV drivers are not as productive as they could be with a better program.

The stress of being on the road is enough cause for truck drivers to have increased accidents or at best, decreased productivity. Add in factors of dealing with other distracted drivers on the road, customers calling wanting to know when their deliveries will arrive, and managing the time allowed between each stop and it is a wonder that these drivers can do their job with any kind of efficiency.

Companies that Benefit from a Multiple Stop Route Planner

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Chris M., Texas, USA
“Using your route planning system has been a blessing. For example we work nationally for Home Depot and many other well known names. We were sent work orders to visit all 178 stores in Texas. Without planning that out I think it would have been impossible to figure out, much less do. And the miles and backtrack we could have encountered would have been disastrous. But thanks to you Superior did Superior! Then allowing us to split it into 2 routes for 2 trucks to handle the task was simply amazing. Thank you My Route Online!”

Sara, Ohio, USA
“I love your program! It made routing trucks so much easier than the process we have been following. I especially like the ability to indicate how long our driver will be at each stop, as well as the ability to dictate the number of routes. I appreciate the flexibility in moving stops around if needed. It also opened my eyes to new routing options and paths. Thanks!”

Matt McKinney, Owner You Move Me, USA
“Currently we use your routing system to plan our moving routes for each week. The guys love it because it saves them time and gives them a game plan for the day.”

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