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Map Out Your Cross County Road Trip

Create a Road Trip Map with Multiple Stops

When planning a road trip, you are filled with excitement, anticipation and lots of lists to check off before you go. Everyone always remembers the snacks, tunes and change of clothes for whatever climate your headed towards, but not everyone thinks about having their car checked out. 

Create your Road Trip

Create your Road Trip

The most common problems people encounter on road trips are a lack of road preparedness for emergency, and of course, maintaining an efficient route with the least amount of gas costs.  So many times people are caught out on the open road, stranded without water and other supplies. This is especially dangerous when traveling on highways that have few rest stops or gas stations. 

Running out of gas on an unknown stretch of road can be scary, especially not knowing which direction to walk to the nearest aid. Phone service can be spotty, or worse, having a dead phone battery.

People who Benefit from Multiple Route Planning for Road Trips

Solutions to the Common Problems

Be sure to have your car checked out by a mechanic before heading out on your road trip. Top off all the fluids, and be sure it is safe for a long ride. While you are having your vehicle checked out, begin planning your trip with all the sights you want to see and make a list of stops you plan to make on the way.

Pack an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes flashlights, blankets, bottled water, jumper cables, and non-perishable snacks. This is a great precaution in case you get stranded in the middle of nowhere. It always good to have the number of a road side assistance company, such as AAA.

While using a multiple route mapper won’t prevent your car from a potential break down, it can save you on gas, and hopefully enough to get to the next gas station. With this easy to use program, routes can be set up and saved before your trip, and accessed by your smartphone once you’re on the road. The hands-free route directions will help you stay focused on the road and your family or pals.

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April Edwards, E-Scape Lawn Care, USA
“I love your program and will be using in the spring-fall. It is a great software program for person use and if you own a business or if you are planning a trip and need to stop a couple a place in between. We use this program for our business. We are a landscaping business. So this program has taken out the guess work of the routing the routes. I tell everyone about this program.”

Craig and Dorothy, USA
“Thank you for your service. Our plans changed and so did our intended trip. I had to start over and re-work travel plans. Your service was a big help.”

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