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Use a Road Planner to Minimize Sales Reps and Agents Travel Distance and Time

Field Representatives, sales force and real estate agents: Use our road planner to visit multiple locations and minimize travel distance and time

There are three major challenges that face field service representatives today, all of which add to a stressful working environment. First, the ramp up time it takes for new reps to become viable, contributing members of the team costs money. It adds pressure to the rest of the team to make up the sales numbers in that time as well, placing additional pressure on them as well as the new rep.

Second, creating a personalized sales pitch and communicating the value of the product or service has become increasingly more difficult. With so much information at our fingertips, customers are more informed than ever before which forces sales reps to be more creative and inventive in their selling techniques.

Lastly, a lack of efficiency plagues the sales industry from excessive traveling time to disconnected software/analytical tools that do not provide compiled information needed for sales reps. Every sales rep wants to make the best use of their time in order to increase productivity and thereby increasing their sales.

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For many sales representatives, finding solutions to increase productivity and reduce stress seems impossible to make a reality.

Here are some ideas that every company can incorporate into their sales departments:

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William Simpson, Las Vegas, USA
“I’m an insurance agent, working for a life insurance company that specializes in retirement planning and Medicare/health insurance. I didn’t use to plan my routes before, I just went by the zip code and I experienced a lot of backtracking. Your route planner has the best options when uploading spreadsheets because the user can pick options for setting the columns. This way, I’m able to extract data from a large database of information and then organize it into an effective route We get hundreds of leads where the only recourse is to knock on their door and normally it is expected of people to do about 10 door knocks an hour. With the optimal route and planning I did 85 in about 2.5 hours. So you can see the obvious benefits.”

Victoria Henrich, OnCall Staffing, Vice President
“I love it!! Couldn’t do my work as efficiently without it. Just informed my new sales rep about it and she will be signing up too!!”

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