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Waste Management Service Saves 35% on Transportation Costs

June 07, 2016
Just Wheelie Bins

If there’s one thing in your home you probably take for granted, it’s the waste receptacles (aka “wheelie bins”) used by waste management companies for trash and recycling services.
But this common household item is the business backbone of Inter Alia Industrial Services Pty Ltd, also known as “Just Wheelie Bins.” The company distributes and repairs wheelie bins in Victoria, Australia.

It’s a big job. Victoria is one of Australia’s most populated areas. The company’s region includes 110,000 homes with an average of three wheelie bins per house.

It’s the size of the area makes planning service routes particularly challenging.

“With more than 25,000 service stops per year, we had difficulty manually scheduling these stops,” explained Malcolm Eaton, managing director. “We found we were constantly going around in circles, and our drivers were not able to achieve any real productivity.”

Although the company did have a small GPS unit in the vehicles, each location had to be manually entered. It was extremely inefficient and tedious for drivers. So Malcom turned to about three years ago.

“The differences are amazing to say the least,” Malcolm said. “We have been able to reduce our on-road exposure by 35%. While the obvious on cost savings are self-explanatory, the best thing is that we can now do more work in the same amount of time.”

While adding any new technology to a workflow has its challenges, Malcom was impressed with’s customer service.

“When we first started, our process of converting CSV files to Excel caused the address fields to change to date fields,” he said. “But the support team set us on the right path and the issues were resolved quickly.” It’s very simple to import addresses into the Route Planner.
Malcolm’s company also uses in conjunction with other services. Because the company often serves newly developed areas that are not available on online mapping services yet, Malcolm’s team also uses an Australian street directory service to identify unmapped properties and then tags the location to the route.

Online route planning has made such a difference in his organization, Malcolm happily recommends to other businesses as well. It’s not just the time and fuel savings, he explains. It’s the entire package.

“I find the customer service is of a high standard,” he said. “As a high frequency user, I also find the fees modest in comparison to the cost of manually routing our runs.”